What Battery Can A 250 Watt Motor Handle On A E-Bike?

Having an e-bike is one of the best ways to go faster and further than traditional bikes. It comes with battery and motor assistance. Most importantly, you’ll find an electric bike with different watt power, ranging anywhere from 250 watts to 1500 watts, and beyond.

Well, if you own an e-bike with a 250w power system, you can get a decent speed of 15 to 20 MPH. As you can imagine, the speed varies greatly. Moreover, it’s also possible to tweak the speed to a higher level. And in that case, you may wonder what battery can a 250 watt motor handle on an e-bike.

A 250-watt motor can handle a standard 36-volt battery with 5 or 20 amp controllers. Don’t get it? No worries, follow this guide below, you will get a complete idea about what battery can a 250-watt motor handle in detail.

What Battery Can A 250 Watt Motor Handle On A E-Bike?

Owning an electric bike with a 250 watt motor should be just enough to travel at a moderate pace. This motor power will let you ride the bike at up to 20 mph or 32.1869 kph. Well, that speed is possible only with a combination of good battery and motor. You can get a reliable 250 watt electric bike with such high speed and be confident with output at both commuting and short-distance touring.

What Battery Can A 250 Watt Motor Handle On A E-Bike

In that case, you’ll be happy to know that there are many ways that you can increase the speed of your electric bike. So what exactly do you have to do to increase the speed of your 250w electric bike?

Well, you have to swap out your battery for a higher voltage battery to boost the speed. However, you must ensure that your controller is capable enough to handle that much power.

If your e-bike has a 24-volt battery, then you can upgrade it to a 36-volt battery with up to 15 AH controllers. Well, there are many Ah controllers that produce different amounts of power, such as:

  • 15 Ah Controller: If you upgrade the battery from 24 volts to 36 bolt with 15A, you can get 540 peak watts (36V * 15A.)
  • 20 Ah Controller: On the other hand, you can over 700 watts if you utilize a 36-volt battery with 20A.

As you can see, here a controller leads a big role in increasing the speed. Although many suggest connecting a 250w motor to a 48V battery with 20 amps, this can damage the battery by creating overheating issues.

Note: If you currently have a 36v battery in your electric bike, simply try to upgrade the ah rate to increase the speed. And as usual, before upgrading the battery, you must ensure the power capability of the controller. You must ensure that your e-bikes controller will handle the extra or extended ah.

Can I Put A Bigger Battery In My E-bike?

Earlier, we’ve already mentioned that electric bikes come with different batteries and motor power. And the best thing about an electric bike is you can upgrade or replace your current battery and motor with more powerful ones.

Can I Put A Bigger Battery In My E-bike

However, when it’s about battery, then YES you can easily put a bigger battery in your electric bike. If you currently have a 24v battery you can replace it with a 36v, or if you have a 36v battery, you can replace it with a 48v.

Moreover, if you have a 48v battery, you will be able to replace it with a 52v battery. All the e-bikes come with different battery power systems, so before putting in a bigger battery, make sure the controller is capable of supporting the extended voltage and Ah.

How Fast Can A 250-Watt Motor Go?

Basically, there are three types of electric bikes including classes 1, 2, and 3. A 250-watt electric bike is a class one electric bike that offers a decent speed of 20 mph (32.19 km/h) (G).

This is a good amount of speed to perform regular e-bike riding in flatland. However, when it’s about uphill riding, 20 mph is not a good speed to ensure effortless uphill riding.

Is 250 Watts Enough For An E-bike?

When it’s about 250 watts is enough for you or not, it completely depends on your preferences. What amount of speed you want from your e-bike and where you’ll ride it will determine if a 250w ebike is enough for you or not.

Is 250 Watts Enough For An E-bike

Let’s make things easy for you; if you want an entry-level or beginner-friendly electric bike, then 250w would be the best choice for you. This bike will give you a decent speed for flatland cruising and short-distance riding.

But when you have a bodyweight of more than 200 pounds and want to use the e-bike to communicate, 250w will not be the best choice. So you have to consider whether your desired aspect when it’s about 250 watts is enough for an e-bike or not.

Final Thoughts

If you love to ride a bike at high speed, then a 250w e-bike, out of the box, won’t be the perfect bike for you. But the fact is, you can increase your current e-bike’s speed by upgrading the battery.

And now that you know what battery can a 250 watt motor handle on a e-bike, you can decide which one you should put in. To recap, if you have a 24v battery, upgrade it with a 36v battery for more speed. If it’s a 36v battery, try to upgrade the Ah rate first. And meanwhile, you must ensure that your e-bike controller is capable enough or will accept the extended range.

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