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What is Elecgeeky?

Hello, Welcome to Elecgeeky!

It’s one of the most trustworthy places on the internet where you’ll get expert suggestions on the best electronic bike for different types of people. Elecgeeky is operated by engineers, technicians, and a group of expert people to provide you with expert knowledge on electronic bikes.

We have hired the best people to help you in selecting the right electric bike according to your budget and demand. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you’re looking for, Elecgeeky has a collection of all types of bikes. Here, you’ll find a budget-friendly electric bike, an electric bike for arthritis, a different watt electric bike, an electric bike for camping, etc.

Our Testing Methodology?

We follow a well-organized systematic process in our product review process. First, we divided the task among the team members then our team members completed the assigned task sequence-wise. In the beginning, a group of team members first complete the market research and select products.

Then the expert team analyses the selected product and studies the genuine reviews of those products. After analyzing the product and its real buyer’s review, we get a complete idea about the product. Finally, our writing team writes reviews of our selected product with an in-detailed description and complete buying guidelines.

Our Team

James Jackson

James Jackson is the founder and the chief editor of this site, Elecgeeky. After completing his post-graduation degree in electronic engineering, he joined a renowned electronic bike manufacturing company. It’s been almost 9 years since James started working there. Because of his profession, he has a vast knowledge of electronic bikes and their accessories. James created this site to share his knowledge with people who have no idea about electronic bikes but want to have one.

Eric A. Spann

Eric is an editor of this site Elecgeeky. He’s a friend and colleague of James. They both work together at the same e-bike manufacturing company. After creating this site James offered him to join us and now he’s the leader of the research and expert team.

Ryan J. Davis

Ryan is one of our senior technical writers who works with us from the beginning of our journey. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English literature and linguistics. Before joining our team James worked for a famous magazine firm and writing agency. He has a very good knowledge of communicating with the audience. Ryan has the ability to describe everything in the most simplest and friendly way.

Our Review Process

Product Research And Market Exploration

At the beginning of our product review process, we start with the product and market research.  Our experienced researchers study the newness in the market and most popular brands and their products.

Identification Core Features

After completing the market research, we got the data of the most popular brands and their products along with the current condition of the market. Now the research team starts analyzing these products and determining these products’ core features.

By identifying the product’s core features we can easily skip those products that come with so many additional features just to increase the product price. We select those products only that come with the most important features for its customers.

Selecting Products

Once our expert team identifies the key features of a product, we can prepare our final product list. During the time of final product selection, we mainly focus on those products that are the best selling in the market and the products that are mostly loved by its consumers.

Reviews Analysis

Analyzing the real buyer’s review is one of the main tasks in our product review process. This step is so crucial that we have designed an advanced system for the review analysis process as well.

The system detects unnatural reviews so that we can only focus on those reviews that are given by its genuine users. By analyzing the reviews of real buyers, we get a real-life experience of these products.

Product Ranking

Every single product that we listed on our site has to pass through our product ranking process. Our expert team gives scores to each product based on its characteristics, functionality, quality, and price. The better the product the higher scores it gets and gets the top rank.

Reviews Writing

Once the product ranking process is complete, we get the list of the top products of the best brand. Then our writing team starts writing a review of that particular product with an in-detailed description.

Buying Guide

All the research we have done, in buying guides we make a  summation of that. By using the buying guide, users can select the most appropriate products for them according to their needs and demand.

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