Is 350 Watts Enough for an Electric Bike Motor? (Right Ans.)

When it comes to selecting the motor power for an electric bike, 350 watt is a sweet spot. You’re getting an all-rounder in terms of both price and power.

So, is 350 watts enough for an electric bike motor? Simply put, for an average weighted person (50-70KG), 350 watts electric bike on a flat road is enough. It will get you through mild steep hills and rough terrain, but not the steepest hill you can find. 

Whether you’re getting it for city commuting or bumpy rides on hilly terrain, there are factors to decide if the power is enough.

This compressive guide will be helpful for you if you’re confused about the e-bike motor wattage.

Let’s jump into the main discussion and see exactly what a 350w ebike offers you!

How Much Power Does an Electric Bicycle Need?

While selecting an electric bike, you may ask how much power an electric bicycle needs in the first place. Well, the power of an e-bike entirely relies on the wattage of the battery.

First, you have to define how much you need, then find out the power of your e-bike.

To know your bike watt power, all you need to do is multiply the volts with the amp. For example, you have a bike with a 36V battery and a 10A controller, they would output the peak power of 360 watts.

Is 350 Watts Enough for an Electric Bike Motor?

If you’re an average user and your body weight is in balance, a good 350 Watt Electric Bike will be enough on flat ground.

However, if you are overweight, the bike may struggle to pull the extra weight (if it exceeds the weight limits).

On the other hand, riding the same bike on steep hilly roads can be difficult due to the Asymmetrical terrain.

Sometimes people find 350W adequate for a small winding mountain road. However, those who find it comfortable probably add some pedal input while riding.

So, a 350 watt electric bike offers just enough power if you ride on flat terrain. If you’re a regular work-home person, a city commuter, a 350 watt bike is good enough.

Is 350 Watts Enough for an Electric Bike Motor

So, there are things to consider while deciding if an ebike motor of 350 watts will be enough or not. It depends on a few factors, mainly the weight it’s bearing, and the terrain it’s riding on.


As the name implies, your weight is an important fact to consider when determining how many watts you’ll need to have on your bike! For those who weigh 70 kg or less, a 350W would be more than enough because It can handle the stress.

But the road you’re driving on will have a role to play as excessive friction can damage the wheel and motor.


While your weight is an important fact to consider, you should also look at the street you will ride your bike on.

Here, you can go on small steep hills with the bike, not high steep ones because the truth is, 350 watts is not a huge power.

If you weigh more than 70 kg and ride high steep hills, should use 750W, or if power is 1000W, it would be better for users with 90 kg’s or more!

Make sure you know what type of Terrain is in your area where you will be cycling. We see different types of Terrain like:

  • Plain Terrain: A 350-watt powered bike can run on this terrain very well, variations are paved roads, flat parks, or fields.
  • Rolling Terrain: If the Terrain is rolling and rugged, using a 350W is just enough where 250W ones will struggle.
  • Light steep Terrain: Low-watt powered bikes might struggle on such terrain. 350 watt ebikes can handle such terrain to some extent, but not as a regular task.
  • Steep/Mountain Terrain: A bike needs to have a lot of power to ride in this Terrain, meaning, as much as possible. Starting with 750 watt, you may use 1000 or 1500 watts.

Let’s see the facts side by side

Terrain Weight Recommended Power
Flat 50 kg 250W
Rolling 70 kg or less is better 350W
Light steep 90 kg or less is better 750W
Steep/Mountain 90 kg or more 1000W

How Fast Is A 350 Watt Motor?

In the case of an electric bike, the higher the wattage, the higher your bike power will be. Since a 350W motor is rated as Class 3, it can gain up to 28 mph speed at regular use.

If you want to force your 350-watt bike into a small hilly area, the speed may become lower. Riding in a steep area will put excessive pressure on the motor and may even pose a risk.

Why Do People Want a Higher Watt Motor?

Because a high wattage power motor allows them to ride the bike in any situation, and can easily handle them to reach their goal.

Whether they ride the bike in the plain, rolling, mountainous, or steep terrain.

Having a higher motor in your bike means you’ll need to have a bigger battery that is quite expensive, and if you can afford it, then it’s ok!

Note: On average, a 350-wattages motor with a 10 mAh lithium battery can run for 1 hour if fully charged.

But if you are overweight, and you’re on a hilly road, the time may be a little less than this due to taking more pressure.

Bottom Line

Not all electric bikes are created equally. They have a lot of variation in their power output. People select the motor power watts based on their actual needs. For a flat road, a 350W-powered motor can handle the pressures effortlessly.

For riding on a small hilly road, 350W can be selected, but your weight must be less than 70 kg. Don’t pick this motor power if you’re planning to go to ride on mountainous terrain.

Of course, If the road you will drive your bike is steep, you will damage your motor.

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