How to Remove E-Bike Battery Without Key? [2 Tested Methods]

E-bikes are turning into one of the most important day-to-day transports for urban people. When it comes to the main components, the battery would top the list in an Ebike, removable ones being the most convenient.

If you lose the e-bike’s key to get the battery off, things can go bad because leaving the battery outside is not a good idea. You cannot risk damaging the battery life of your favorite ebike, right? This is where it becomes important to know how to remove e-bike battery without key.

Yes, it’s possible and you can remove e-bike battery in different ways. You can use a thin metal sheet or a screw driver, and need to be precise while removing the battery. Otherwise, malfunctioning may cause permanent damage to the e-bike’s battery.

Let’s get to know how can you do that on your own.

Is It Possible To Remove The Battery From E-Bike?

Almost all new generation e-bikes have a removable battery. Why? The removable battery is the key to reuse the bicycle even after the battery’s lifespan gets over. You can replace the battery with a new one to continue the use of the e-bike.

When you purchase e-bikes from a store, they provide the bike key to unlock not only the ebike but also a specialized lock attached with the battery case. The case protects the battery. It sits right under the bicycle seat.

To remove the battery with a key, press the switch underneath the seat. It clicks and opens the primary protection. Now, insert the bike’s key. It will open the case and you can fetch out an e-bike battery.

An ebike battery is reusable for other purposes. For instance, if you own a 250 watt electric bike to ride steep hills, it’ll be useful for backing up a 25W bulb for 10 hours once removed from the housing. It can be very helpful if you’re camping in the wild and need an emergency light source.

What if you lose keys? Will it be possible to remove the battery after that?

How To Remove E-Bike Battery Without Key?

There are two methods of removing the e-bike battery from the bike without a key. They can come in handy at times of emergency when you lose the key while you’re in the middle of nowhere. Take a quick look at these methods:

How To Remove E-Bike Battery Without Key

Method 1:

The first method is easy and effective for almost everyone using a screwdriver and axle blade. However, there’s a disclaimer. Apply this method only if the bicycle is old, or you’re going to take the e-bike to a repair shop later.

Step 1: Open Up the Seat

Unscrew the e-bike seat. Remove it from the E-bike. The primary obstacle is clear.

Step 2: Press the screwdriver correctly

Now, use the screwdriver as a lever. Put it under the battery case. Press it gently until the entire case comes out.

Step 3: Cut the Upper Opening

The last step is to cut the upper opening area with the axle blade. Do it gently to avoid any accident. Keep the focus on the battery. Otherwise, scratching the case may malfunction the battery.

Step 4: Fetch

Bring out the e-bike battery without the key. While removing the battery, always be careful about how Li-ion electric bike batteries can be damaged for mishandling.

“Any scratch on the battery shell can damage its lifespan”, says Sanyo, one of the leading e-bike manufacturers.

Method 2:

The second method requires a little tweaking in the process. You need to get a wire and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Open the seat

Unscrew bolts of the seat to make an opening to the e-bike’s battery, just like the method one above.

Step 2: Use the wire to tweak the lock

At the second step, you have to bend the wire and insert it into the battery’s keyhole. Keep wiggling until you hear the click.

Remember that it’s a job for experts. You’ll find a lot of tutorials on the web on how to unlock anything with a wire. The chance depends on your skill.

If none of the above works, we recommend you to take the e-bike to a bike shop or a locksmith. It’ll be the best option considering the long-term usages. A bonus tip for you is to keep a duplicate of the key at home.

Even you lose the replacement key, the duplicate will help you unlock the battery without the key.

Step 3: Use a thin metal sheet

You can also stick a thin, relatively sharp sheet of metal to reach into the lock mechanism and bypass it from the outside. In that case, you’ll have to insert the sheet from the side where you can get the pivoting point, not the flat side. As you keep applying pressure and pivot around, the lock will snap in and release the battery. Have a look at the process in action in this video:

Bottom Line

Losing the key is normal, and you’ll need to act properly for recovering the e-bike battery. It’s not a hard job to take the battery off the bike if you’ve lost the key. Now that you know how to remove e-bike battery without key, you can apply any of the methods.

The number three is the easiest for most common models while the first method can be an option for others. Just avoid damaging the battery and follow both methods accordingly.

When you unlock the battery case and fetch out the battery, keep it in a safe place for reusing it for a better purpose.

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