How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Bike?

If you are a new electric bike rider or are going to buy one, it is common to be curious about the running costs. You may wonder how much does it cost to run an electric bike so that you can determine the estimated cost range.

Well, if you compare electric bikes with another transport system, they offer very low running and operating costs. Depending on the state you live in, you may have to spend about $0.10 to 0.13 cents per mile while riding your electric bike.

The running cost involves many factors, including service charge, charging cost, tires, parts replacement, parking tickets, and many more. Well, don’t get confused, discover the running cost with all other related aspects throughout the guide below. 

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Bike?

No matter what quality electric bikes you use, they all come with separate running or operating costs. You may use good quality electric bikes under $800 to well over $10,000; it’s always good to determine the estimated running cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Electric Bike

In that case, if you want to know how to figure out the running cost of an electric bike, follow the section below:

1. Charging Cost

Electric bikes come with battery power to run the bike, which includes a charging cost. And how much you have to spend on recharging completely depends on your battery capacity, voltage, and local electricity cost.

Although we can provide you with an average cost range, it’ll be far better if you know how to find out your e-bike charging cost. In that case, you’ve to follow some simple steps to find out the charging cost, such as:

Get Your Battery’s Power Capacity:

Find out the electric bike’s battery capacity by multiplying the voltage and amp-hours. Multiplying the V and Ah or Amp hour rating will let you find out the Wh or watt hour (battery capacity is measured in Wh). Such as: V x Ah = Wh

And you’ll find the V and Ah on the battery or module provided with the battery.

Convert the Power Capacity:

Once you find out the Wh of your electric bikes, the next thing you have to do is convert the Wh into kWh or (kilowatt hour). Here is the example: Wh / 1000 = kWh

Find Out the Actual Cost:

In the final step, you have to multiply the kWh of your battery by the kWh rate of your power supplier. And boom, now you know how much you have to spend on a single charge.

Note: On average, you’ve to spend 7 to 12 cents to charge your electric bike every time. Since different regions offer different kWh rates, it’s good to find out the actual charging cost manually.

2. Maintenance cost

Like other vehicles, electric bikes are also not free from wear and tear, and they also require maintenance over usability. You may have to give your bike a tune-up after every 300-400 miles of riding.

Maintenance cost

Want to know about the maintenance cost? Follow the section to know about them:

  • Battery Replacement: The battery life of an electric bike can differ based on capacity and quality. However, if your bike has a quality battery, it will last for 2 to 4 years. And for battery replacement, you have to spend $100 to $600 or more.
  • Tires: The more you’ll ride your electric bike, the quicker the tires will wear out. And most of the time, you may have to change the tires twice a year which can roughly cost you $150- $200.
  • Drivetrain: The drivetrain is included with many components like a chain, cassette, sprockets, etc. And due to overtime use, these components can be damaged and demand replacement. You may replace the whole drivetrain after 800 miles or once a year, and it’ll cost you $150 to $200.
  •  Other Components: Some components like brake pads and suspension take most of the hammer when riding a bike. And that’s why they may wear out faster than all other components and also demand replacement once or twice a year. Well, you may have to spend $60 to $100 for brake pads and $200 and more for suspension replacement.
  • Servicing Cost: Servicing cost is one of the critical aspects of electric bike maintenance. Well, there is no universal electric bike servicing cost, and you may have to spend $50 to $80. And the cost range will differ based on region and servicing type.

Note: Throughout the section above, we’ve included aspects related to the electric bike running cost. We’ve tried to provide an approximate cost range, so you can get ideas.

How To Reduce Electric Bike Running Costs?

Although electric bikes offer a small running cost, you can still minimize the cost range. And to do so, you have to follow some tips and maintain some aspects. Simply follow the section below to discover them:

How To Reduce Electric Bike Running Costs

  • Maintain the Battery Properly: Although there are many ways to minimize the electric bike running cost, maintaining the battery is crucial. That is because the charging cost is what requires daily or monthly investment. So keep your battery in good condition, reducing extra battery draining issues.
  • Respect the Weight Limit: Always respect the weight limit provided by your e-bike manufacturer. Carrying more weight than your e-bike can withstand will result in structural damage that will require servicing and even replacement of parts. So respecting the weight limit will reduce the running cost.
  • Replace the Battery: If the battery condition is not good enough or drains energy faster, you better replace it. Getting a new and good quality battery will reduce the charging cost and the running cost as well.
  • Performing Servicing: You have to give your electric bike complete servicing once or twice a year. Servicing your e-bike will boost its performance and maintain your bike’s value. Most importantly, servicing your e-bike on time will reduce the running cost.
  • Keep Your Electric Bike Clean: Last but not least, another effective way to minimize electric bike running costs is keeping the bike nice and clean. Try to clean your e-bike every day or after each ride. 

Note: Although you can follow many other tips to reduce the running cost, these are the most effective ones. So following these tips will reduce your electric bike’s running cost.


As you can see, the running cost of an electric bike is related to many aspects. And that’s why it’s quite tough to determine the running cost of electric bikes. However, now you know what contributes to the electric bike running cost, so you can easily find the average cost range.

Alongside knowing how much does it cost to run an electric bike, now you also know how to minimize the running cost. Simply follow all the maintenance tips, ensure proper servicing and keep your battery in good condition to reduce the running cost.

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