How Do You Remove The Speed Limiter On A Electric Bike

Electric bikes are designed to be used as an alternative means of relatively safe transportation compared to other systems. Speed ​​limiters make e-bikes even safer, which also is sometimes a federal rule for e-bike manufacturers to put.

However, speed limiters can often be frustrating because hitting the higher limit isn’t an option here when you need that. Therefore, many electric bike users want to derestrict their electric bikes to ride at the speed of their choice.

If you’re also one of them and want to know how do you remove the speed limiter on a electric bike, follow this article. Here we’ll show a couple of methods that you can apply to remove the speed limiter of your e-bike effortlessly.

Why Does An E-Bike Have A Speed Limit?

Every electric bike is manufactured with a speed limiter that restricts the bike from exceeding top speed. It’s a kind of safety control system for electric bikes which reduces the chances of going faster than the legal speed limit.

Why Does An E-Bike Have A Speed Limit

An electric bike is derestricted by placing a compact electronic device between the sensor magnet and the computer. The speed limiter calculates the speed you are moving and limits the speed in the legal speed range.

Different countries offer different electric bike speed ranges, which is 20mph in the USA and 15 mph in Europe. The speed limiter ensures that riders will ride the bike by abiding by the laws.

However, many e-bikes are available that allow removing the speed limiter and riding the bike with extended or your preferable speed. If you buy a higher power bike than a regular 350 watt, chances are, you’ll get over 25 km of speed or more.

You can look at the in-depth review of 500w e-bikes where this type of high speed bikes have been reviewed. If you want high speed without tweaking, go for one of those 500 w ebikes.

How Do You Remove The Speed Limiter On A Electric Bike

If you don’t have a high-speed ebike off the box, you need to tweak the existing one to get higher speed. It may look complicated to remove the speed limiter from an electric bike, but it’s not. There are many methods are available to remove the speed limiter from e-bikes, we’ll show two different and easy methods, including

  • By-Hand (manually)
  • Removing the Limiting Wire

We’ll show how to apply these two methods to perform speed remover activity in the section below. Have a look-

1. The Handy Method

You can use your hand to remove the speed limiter of your electric bike, and it is one easiest way. By removing the frame’s base sensor and the rear wheel’s magnet, you can get rid of speed limit issues.

The Handy Method

The sensor and magnet help to detect the speed automatically and turn off the bike or slow it down. Well, you’ll need two things to remove the speed limiter through your hands, and they are:

  • A tape
  • Any kind of holding material

First, you have to arrange these two things and then follow the below steps for removing your electric bike’s speed limiter with your hands. Have a look-

Step 1 – Locate: First, locate the magnetic sensors and then take them out. Or you can also change their position.

Step 2 – Pedal: After that, find your electric bike’s pedal bracket and then attach the magnet to it.

Step 3 – Position: Move the sensor and make sure it is in the position facing the magnet, and you’re done.

Now you can easily bypass the speed limit of your e-bike and enjoy a fast riding experience. However, be sure not to exceed the speed limits in city rides, especially if the law doesn’t allow you to.

2. Removing the Limiting Wire

Alongside using your hand to remove the speed limiter, another method you can follow is removing the limiting wire. However, not all electric bikes are equipped with a limiting wire. If a limiting wire is installed in your e-bike, then follow the below steps to remove the speed limiter.

Removing the Limiting Wire

Step – 1: First, find out or locate the limiting wire in your electric bike.

Step – 2: The limiting wire will be located at the controller connected with the speed controller.

Step – 3: Gently take it off the wire from the connector, and you’re done.

Once the speed limiter wire is removed, you can easily ride your bike without facing speed limit issues. Follow this video to learn how to identify the speed limiter wire and remove it-

How Fast Can Electric Bike Go After Removing The Speed Limiter

Most of the electric bikes are manufactured with 250 watts motors to ensure the bike will not cross the 20 mph limit. However, removing a speed limiter from your electric bike will relatively increase the speed of your electric bike than the usual speed.

How Fast Can Electric Bike Go After Removing The Speed Limiter

Well, it’s tough to determine how fast an electric bike can go after removing the speed limiter. That is because almost all electric bikes come with different speed limitation systems.

However, you can easily reach the speed range of 28 mph to 30 mph with your e-bike by removing the speed limiter. Alongside increasing the speed, be sure to think about how the extra speed can affect your bike and you.

What Are The Dangers And Risks Of Removing The Speed Limiter From An Electric Bike

Although removing the speed limiter from your e-bike will allow you to drive faster, it can cause various issues at the same time. Want to know what are the dangers and risks of removing the speed limiter from your e-bike? Follow the below section:

Higher Chance of Injury

Injury issues will rise significantly when you ride your bike at a faster pace. Fast speeds will make it uncomfortable to maintain balance, which can lead to minor to severe accidents.

Breaking the Law

Most countries have legal speed limits for electric bikes, which is why manufacturers put a limiter on e-bikes. So if you remove the speed limiter for extra speed, it’ll be like breaking the law.

Faster Battery Drain

Removing the speed limiter can reduce the lifespan of an e-bike’s battery. That is because the faster you’ll ride the bike, the quicker battery energy will drain.

Higher Energy Consumption

Alongside draining the battery faster, removing the speed limiter will significantly impact your ebike motor. E-bike manufacturers set a proper and suitable speed range, and expanding it will impact the overall performance of your e-bike.

Final Words

Removing an electric bike limiter means removing the pedal support limit, which can be both adventurous and dangerous. It is adventurous and rewarding because it saves time and electricity bills and allows you to react quickly in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, removing the speed limiter will allow you to ride your ebike faster, which can lead to loss of balance and injury. So before taking off the speed limiter, be sure about controlling the speed while riding and the laws of an electric bike. Since you know how do you remove the speed limiter on a electric bike, why not try one of our mentioned methods today?

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