Why Is My Electric Bike Throttle Not Working?

In today’s world, where convenience is the currency, an electric bike is a better, easier, and more flexible way to get around. One of the most amazing features of an ebike is having the throttle to control the motor speed and how fast you want to go.

Although it’s a great eco-friendly way to cycle, ending up with a bad throttle is the last thing you want. A jammed throttle, a faulty connection, or a general malfunction can cause an e-bike throttle to stop working.

Regardless of the ebike class you’re currently riding, knowing how the throttle works are necessary. You also must know how to identify the issues associated and how to troubleshoot them. Well, let’s go through the reasons why your electric bike throttle not working and how to get it fixed.

What Is Throttle For Electric Bikes?

Knowing what type of e-bike you want will assist you in managing your tastes and preferences. There are three types of e-bikes: adventure e-bikes, bolt e-bikes, and metro e-bikes. The characteristics of this bike will tell you which one is the best match for your needs. The three throttle types mentioned above will be thoroughly discussed here.

Throttle For Electric Bikes

  • Thumb Throttle: This small lever extends from the handlebar to the rider. An on/off push button is activated by pressing the throttle forward with your thumb. It’s the least noticeable of the three throttles, and it provides a slight boost in safety by occasionally interfering with lever shifters.
  • The Half-twist Throttle: This is the most common throttle type; it is activated by twisting the throttle like a motorcycle throttle. They are similar to the full twist, but they do not reach the end of the handlebar and are only connected halfway. The other half is replaced with a non-twisting rubber grip. They prevent wrist exhaustion and are less likely to cause accidents.
  • Full Throttle: As the name suggests, the full twist throttle is the largest and requires the use of the entire hand to operate. This is generally preferred because it is operated with both hands; it is the polar opposite of thumb throttle. It allows you to grip the handle tightly and use your wrist rather than your thumb, but it can cause wrist pain because so much pressure is applied here.

Depending on which purpose you’re going to use your ebike for, getting the right throttle is crucial. And if you’re getting a sturdy electric bike for pulling trailer, a personal suggestion, apart from a heavy battery and build would be going for a half twist throttle. That’ll give you the best control over cruise control.

Why Is My Electric Bike Throttle Not Working?

Certain occurrences could be the cause of the e-bike throttle not working, and they are as follows:

Electric Bike Throttle Not Working

  • Struck or Jammed Throttle: A throttle may appear to be a simple device from the outside, but. When you open the device, you’ll find several components bunched together with moving parts. The primary part of the throttle, which you twist with your hand or press with your thumb, could have become entangled with the wires inside. There’s the possibility of dust entering inside too.
  • Minor Issues: When the battery isn’t charged, and you haven’t turned on the bike, the throttle may not respond, and you may be unaware of this.
  • Partial Connect: This occurs when the throttle is only halfway open all the time. You don’t get a complete picture of a ride with it because it responds infrequently; you can’t accelerate smoothly when you press the throttle.
  • Defective Brake Sensors: Once the brake components sense that the bike brakes are activated, they’ll override the throttle entirely. This prevents the bike from damaging itself when pressing the throttle while the brakes are on, but this can also cause problems. If the brake sensors are faulty, no matter how hard you try, they will not work.
  • Defective Hall Effect Sensor: The hall effect sensor is located inside the e-bike throttle. This is the tiny component inside your throttle; it plays a significant role in your bike’s acceleration. There’s a magnet inside that works with the hall effect sensor; when you press or twist the throttle, the magnet turns, and the Hall effect sensor detects and gradually increases the bike’s acceleration. The throttle would be affected where the hall effect sensor isn’t functioning correctly.

How To Fix Electric Bike Throttle Not Working?

Now that we know the likely problems having the right tools to fix an e-bike throttle not working are a great start Flathead and Phillip screwdrivers to help open and remove the throttle for a proper check. A soldering iron perhaps would do the trick depending on the problem. But aside from the tools, there are more steps or measures to be taken for the issues listed above, and they are:

If you have…

  • Struck or Jammed Throttle: Fixing this is straightforward; you’ll have to open the throttle with a screwdriver. Carefully blow out any debris, dust, or broken piece of plastics found inside the throttle, then close back up again. You can press or twist your throttle again. Also, be careful not to let the screws fall into the throttle or get misplaced while loosening; this could damage the throttle further.
  • Minor Problems: A simple check would help resolve this problem. Look for the throttle cables and connection if they are damaged, or perhaps the wires stretched cause that’s common with folding e-bikes. You could hire a professional to check the wiring to help handle it better.
  • Partial Connect: When the throttle responds to an off-and-on mode without control, the first to check is the wiring. There could be a slight burn due to its pressure; the wires could tangle with the others and somewhat pull out. Unsure of fixing this, visit your engineer to give your throttle repair a perfect fix.
  • Access to the e-bike’s controller box would help determine if it was the brake or not. The brake controls the entire bike with wires connected to the other components. With the help of the user manual, you’ll be able to locate the brake sensors disconnect them once from the controller press the throttle to see if the bike’s tire will spin if it does, then it’s back in place but to ensure its smoothness a qualified expert test should be run on your brake sensors.
  • Replacing: Open the throttle and search for the hall effect sensor, that’s a small electronic component with three legs connected to the wires. Carefully inspect it and look for signs of damage like burn marks or its smell when detected. Soldering the cables or a full replacement could help, but your best bet is to take it to an e-bike’s shop.

Pros Of Electric Bike Throttle

Different types of ebike throttles offer different benefits. Let’s learn the most useful features and benefits of each common throttle type:

Thumb Throttle:

  • It is thumb operative.
  • It doesn’t interfere with the brake lever or twist shifters.
  • Handlebars accessories such as light and mirrors can be used.

Half Twist Throttle:

  • Multiple fingers usage is allowed.
  • When it comes to accidental engagement, it’s slightly safer.
  • Accessories can be used on the end of the handlebars.

Full Twist Throttle:

  • It grants access to the entire hand operation.
  • There’s a perfect balance between handling well and holding tight.

Cons Of Electric Bike Throttle

Nothing is 100% foolproof, especially when you’re talking about electronics. That applies for throttle types as well, here are their bad sides you might want to be aware about:

Thumb Throttle:

  • There’s no way to adjust between low and full power.
  • The thumb gets exhausted quickly.
  • Keeping one/fewer finger(s) on the handlebar causes pain in the finger’s joints.
  • The thumb gets cold on a fast ride during cold winters, unlike when the four fingers wrap around the throttle.

Half Twist Throttle:

  • The fingers get sore very fast.
  • The fingers are easily stressed.

Full Twist Throttle:

  • A sore wrist is inevitable from long rides.
  • Accidents are more likely to occur if not controlled properly.
  • The handlebar end mirrors are impossible because the throttle extends to the end of the handlebars.

Final Words

A great choice for your daily commute in cycling is an e-bike because it doesn’t require pedaling, is very fast, can go 25-30mph, saves time, and is excellent for going up the hills. However, since it’s electric, parts are to be prone to break and going non-functional; the throttle being a common one to go off the grid.

Regardless of what type of throttle you have onboard, be sure that it’s in good shape all the time. As you now know why your ebike throttle isn’t working, you can easily address the issue quickly and get it fixed the DIY way instead of spending unnecessary money on professional services.

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