Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

Have you ever wondered why are bike seats so uncomfortable when riding for a long time? Like most people, if your answer is also yes then this article can help you find the right reasons for that.

The reasons can be the size and shape of the saddle or lack of proper form. This is because, without the saddle of the right size or shape, your lower part of the body may begin to sore. Plus, if you don’t maintain the right posture for bike riding, you may not feel comfortable. 

To deal with these issues, you can either pick the right size and shape of your bike’s saddle or find a proper form. If these are the issues you’re not facing, then go on reading this article to find out the other reasons as well and sort out what is troubling you.

Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

As you couldn’t find out the right reason behind your bike seats being so uncomfortable for the above-mentioned reasons, here we’re mentioning a few other reasons as follows:

why are bike seats so uncomfortable

1. Seat Setting and Size

Bike seats are required to be set properly otherwise it’ll make you uncomfortable. So, the first thing you need to do is to read the user manual and fix your seat following the user manual’s settings.

When the seat is properly set, it shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. But when the issue is with the size, then even after the right set-up it’ll keep making you uncomfortable.

So, try to research or learn from the experts about the right size of the seat. Purchasing and setting the right-sized seat following the manual’s instructions can get you rid of the uncomfortableness.

2. Cushion Pad

The comforts of a bike seat are highly dependent on the cushion pad. With the right cushion pad on your seat, it certainly will make you feel the utmost comfort. But if the cushion is of low quality or the wrong size, then the experience will be horrific for sure.

Cushion Pad

Therefore, you must make sure you’re getting the right cushion pad for your bike seat. If you aren’t aware of the cushion pads, then consult someone who knows these things. This will make sure of getting the right pads and solve the uncomforting bike seat issue right away.

3. Position of Handlebar

Most of the bikers avoid this thing unintentionally. They don’t focus on the position of their bike’s handlebar, and therefore it gets into an incorrect position. Hence, it causes the uncomfortableness in your bike seat.

Position of Handlebar

You can even get soreness from your bike seat because of this reason. So, you must focus on this matter and fix the position of your seat in the right manner. Then you won’t need to lean too forward or too back which can cause uncomfortableness.

4. Seat Materials

Most of the bike seats are made of hard materials and therefore the bikers feel so comfortable riding bikes sitting on them. But still, a few people aren’t comfortable with hard materials in their seats and this is what makes them feel uncomfortable.

So, it would be better if you first try riding bikes with both hard and soft material seats. This would help you find out your preference, and then you can choose according to that. After that, the right seat material will ensure complete comfort for you.

5. Appropriate Bike Size

When you get a bike for yourself, make sure you get the right one for yourself. Just don’t go for the looks because looks won’t make you comfortable. The right-size bike will make you comfortable for sure.

For example, tall guys need different bike sizes from short guys because of their long legs. If you get them with the same size bikes, they won’t feel comfortable. This is why experts recommend ebikes for tall guys.

However, when you’re buying a bike for mountain riding, you must make sure that you get the right-size bike. Otherwise, it’ll cause a lot of trouble for you including uncomfortableness. Therefore, when you want comfortable bike seats, choose the appropriate bike size.

6. Not Having Proper Equipment

In the case of mountain biking, proper equipment is a must need. Without the right equipment, you won’t be comfortable riding your bike. Even the seat will make you feel uncomfortable while riding.

So, try getting all the necessary equipment like clothes, guards, etc. while purchasing the bike. It’ll ensure the utmost comfort for you while riding the bike. Even the bike seat will offer the comforts you’re looking for with proper equipment.

7. Beginner Rider

Most beginner riders are not comfortable with sitting on bike seats for the first few times. But they often get comfortable with time and start feeling comfortable in bike seats. That can be the case for you as well.

So, if this is the case, then try waiting for a few days and try getting comfortable sitting in the bike seat. In case you still feel uncomfortable, then try to check out the reasons to find what is making you uncomfortable.

How To Make Your Bike Seat Comfortable

So far we’ve discussed the reasons behind the uncomfortableness of your bike seat. Now let’s find out how you can make your bike seat comfortable here as follows:

How To Make Your Bike Seat Comfortable

1. Padded Cover for the Seat

When you feel sores in the saddle portion of your body, then you should get a padded cover for your bike seat. This will make sure that your saddle sits in the right posture and there’ll be no soreness at all. It’ll make your overall biking experience more than comfortable.

So, to make your bike seat a comfortable one, you should get a padded cover for your bike seat for starting. Then you can move to the other features mentioned below.

2. Proper Bike Setting

When you purchase a bike, mostly it comes unassembled, and therefore you need to assemble it. The job of assembling may seem easy, but it is not. This task requires a lot of precision and experience to set it right.

Sometimes following the manual isn’t enough to assemble a bike in the proper setting. So, if possible try to assemble it while purchasing from the sellers. Otherwise, find a professional for the job and spend a few extra bucks to set things right.

3. Right Equipment

Biking in places like mountains and long roads demands proper gear from the bikers. Without the right equipment, you can’t enjoy comfortable bike riding and your bike seat can make you feel uncomfortable. So, even if you don’t feel like wasting money on buying gear, you’ve to do that for your comfort.

Keep the comforts above the money, then it’ll certainly make sure that your bike seat is comfortable. So, purchasing the right equipment like a helmet, pads, guards, padded seat, etc. can be an ideal option to make your seat comfortable.

4. Regular Biking

In the beginning phase, bike seats feel quite uncomfortable for many of us. But with regular biking, things can certainly change. Many people got results and comfort following this path.

So, you can try regular biking though it may make you feel uncomfortable with the bike seat. Still, there’s a possibility that regular biking may change the scenario for you. You may get comfortable with the bike seat on which you were not comfortable before.

5. Consulting An Expert

The final tip to make the bike seat comfortable is to consult an expert. Experts can give you guidance on the right bike, size, setting, equipment, and many more things. This certainly changes the whole experience for you.

When you purchase following the expert’s instructions, then you’ll get a comfortable bike seat. So, you won’t be bothered by your bike seat anymore because you did everything right with the bike.


When you’re a beginner, a bike seat may give you hard times. But things will get comfortable once you start riding regularly. So, when you’re not comfortable with your bike seat, try riding the bike for a few days at a stretch.

If things don’t change even after that, then you’ll surely want to figure out: why are bike seats so uncomfortable? Hopefully, you get all your queries answered from this article. But do make sure that you follow our guidelines precisely to get everything right.

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