How to Start a Electric Bike Without a Key?

If you have lost your bike key, don’t fret just now! There are plenty of ways to get the bike on the spin without a traditional lock. If you want to start your bike without using a key, it’s easy. All that is required of the user are two wires and some time. How to start a electric bike without a key? You’ll need to know the techniques!

To start the bike without using a key, you should connect both wires of your ignition switch with each other. Also, if necessary, use lock picks or plastic pens to disengage these locks and turn on the power in seconds!

Some people may have lost their keys, and not knowing how can make them feel helpless. How would you like to start your electric bike without a key? We will provide the best ways.

Can You Ride an Electric Bike Without Key?

It’s often that losing your key is the most frustrating part for a biker. It can be really hard to get back on track and ride without one of these devices, but it turns out you don’t even need one! It is possible to ride an electric bike without a key!

Ride an Electric Bike Without Key

To start your bike without a battery key, you will need to do some rather unusual things. Beware that these steps might get you into a repair phase down the line. These techniques can damage the lock forever so make sure that when applying them for starters, try not too hard, or else it might just cause more issues in the future!

How To Start A Electric Bike Without A Key?

Electric bikes are great for commuting, even a 250 watt electric bike will give you decent power to move around. But if you don’t have an electric key for your bike it’s difficult to get it started. Luckily there are simple instructions on how to start the bike without using a key!

How To Start A Electric Bike Without A Key

1. Connect the ignition Wires

When you’re in a hurry, it’s best to rip the key module apart and spark the ignition wires. However, if your goal is for longer-term use then take some time and get everything connected properly. That way, when the power goes out or the wires hang loose, you can just put them back together and get going without much cost.

2. Remove the Detachable Battery

To make sure you can use your new electric bike, remove the ignition wiring after placing the battery in. Screwing it onto its mount will allow for simple plug-and-play installation!

3. Use a Screwdriver

If you have a screwdriver that fits your bike’s keyhole, this can be an easy trick. After finding the right tool, just put it in and turn to start up! This might mess up the ignition, nonetheless, making you go buy a new ignition key for your Ebike.

4. Universal Bump Key

A bump key is an often-used tool in almost every home. It can be used for anything from locking up your bike, to opening the door and starting it all by yourself!

5. Plastic Pen

You can start your ebike with the help of a plastic pen. Simply open up an ink tube on your BIC style and then use it as if it were any other writing utensil, pushing into each side until they meet in the center before pressing down firmly against the tubular lock’s base.

6. Use a Shim

To make the Shim cut, use a scissor to slice off both ends of an aluminum drinking can. Then wipe it clean and draw an M shape in its center with your marker-usually yellow or orange for safety reasons!

To create this “V” section at one end just peel back what remains of either side until you have enough room left over from bending around each shackle tightly.

So that they meet up again without overlapping too much–you may require two additional pieces if there are 2 bolts on each lock.  Smoothen out any sharp edges by rubbing down against something hard like sandpaper before sticking them inside.

How to Keep Safe and Secure an Electric Bike?

One of the best ways to get a long-term service for your electric bike is by ensuring its safety and security. Keep reading this guide about how you can keep your bike from theft and in tip-top shape!

How to Keep Safe and Secure an Electric Bike

1. Use Secure Location to Park

The most important thing to do if you’re parking your bike is to make sure it’s secure. If for some reason, like leaving the bike unattended overnight while camping out in nature or going on vacation with friends and family – then find a safe place inside. Opportunistic bike thieves should not be able to take advantage of your actions!

2. You Can Register the Bike

The best way to keep your bike from being taken is by using one of these apps that will notify you and the police if it’s been reported as stolen. They can also provide location descriptions, pictures – all necessary information so finding out what happened isn’t too hard!

3. Record the Serial Number

Serial numbers are important to help identify your bike if it gets stolen. Typically, you will find the serial number on a seat tube, rear-wheel mount, or under the crank of bike frames- this is what makes them unique and helps law enforcement recover any that may be taken!

4. Heavy-Duty Lock

How many quality bike locks should you use on your bike? The answer is as many as it takes. If you’re worried about being robbed or having parts of the bike taken by thieves, then make sure there is more than one lock for each component that could be detachable.

5. Regular Maintenance

Prevent wear-and-tear by performing preventive maintenance on your bike. You should charge up the battery before riding to avoid weak or drained power. A bike is an essential part of any athlete’s life.

But, like everything else in this world that’s worth using properly takes some upkeep and care to make sure you’re able to ride it without discomfort or harm as often.


If you’ve lost your key, it’s time to try some of these other techniques for starting an electric bike. You can always call a repairman when necessary but if that’s not an option right now, now you know how to start a electric bike without a key with the methods.

If you can apply the methods properly, you might even be able to reuse the bike without repairing it once you have the key on you! With some common sense and a little know-how, you’ll have it going again in no time at all.

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