How To Keep E Bike Battery Warm In Winter?

With winter right around the corner, many people will be looking forward to riding their e-bikes in the snow. However, it is important to know that you need to keep your e-bike battery warm during the winter months so that the essential component of your e-bike functions properly. Below are some tips on how to keep E Bike battery warm in winter?

Keeping your battery warm in winter will extend its lifespan. So, you should Park your e-bike in heated storage to protect it from the effects of cold winter weather. The battery is the heart of the electric bike. Therefore, E-bike users have to take care and take measures to protect their e-bike batteries from the cold in winter.

It is really important to keep your e bike battery warm in the winter to ensure that it won’t freeze over. If your e-bike battery freezes over, it will likely get damaged, and you will have to buy a new battery.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Ebike Battery?

Riding your electric bike in a weather condition that is lower than -5 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold, and storing it in a temperature below 32-degree Fahrenheit is not a good thing for your ebike. This is because the temperature plays a big role in the performance of your ebike battery.

How Cold Is Too Cold For Ebike Battery

The warmer it is, the more power your bike will be able to deliver, and the colder it gets, the less charge your battery will hold. Some brands will recommend that you do not use your ebike below a certain ambient temperature until the battery warms up.

In general, if you will be riding in consistently cold weather (for example, below 30 degrees Fahrenheit), you might want to consider buying an extra battery so you have one on hand when it’s time to swap out.

However, keep in mind that these batteries are expensive, and they do wear out over time. Therefore, it is not bad to buy a new one every year or two if you ride regularly during the winter months. In addition to giving you more juice on the trail, this also ensures that your battery is in the best shape possible when springtime rolls around.

How to Know Your Ebike Battery Is Too Cold?

If any of the mentioned below happen to you during the winter months, your battery is too cold. You can try doing some maintenance on the ebike yourself or take it to an authorized dealer for assistance.

  1. Your battery lasts less time than usual
  2. Your battery doesn’t charge to full capacity
  3. You can’t turn the bike on
  4. The bike won’t start

Can E-Bike Batteries Freeze?

Yes, e-bike batteries can freeze. More specifically, the liquid electrolyte inside the cell can freeze. Some e-bike batteries use a solid electrolyte instead of a liquid one, which means they cannot freeze. However, this is typically only found in very expensive e-bikes and electric motorcycles.

If you live in an area with a cold climate, you may be wondering whether your e-bike battery can freeze. Well, here’s what you need to know. Most e-bike batteries can technically withstand freezing temperatures. However, when left in a frozen state for long periods of time, freezing temperatures can affect your battery life and cause it to degrade faster.

In general, most quality e-bike batteries are made with Lithium-Ion batteries that have been tested to perform well in cold weather conditions below 30-degree Fahrenheit.

However, the colder the climate is, and the longer your e-bike battery is exposed to those temperatures, the more likely it is to suffer from a loss of range or even permanent degradation in its capacity and energy output over time.

What Happens When An Ebike Battery Freezes?

It loses its ability to supply power. This happens because low temperatures slow down the chemical reaction that happens inside each cell. A frozen battery means you won’t be able to ride your bike until it thaws out again.

There is more to the inability to supply power, and below are some of the things that happen when your ebike battery freezes.

Your Ebike Will Not Start

You know what it is like when an ebike battery freezes over the winter, especially if you don’t have a garage to store your ebike in. I was very lucky that my ebike did not freeze, but like most cheap ebikes, the battery went dead when the temperature dropped below freezing for a week or two.

If this happens to you, then most likely, when you go to start your ebike after a cold spell, it will not start. I know you do not love to hear this, but it will be quite hard for your ebike to start once the battery freezes. To help combat this issue, you can place a small hand towel or sock and wrap it around the battery for extra insulation.

Battery Life Will Reduce

When a battery freezes, the battery life will reduce; this is normal. Batteries in e-bikes are usually pretty resilient. However, they do not like being cold. Therefore, when the ambient temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, it is recommended that you really don’t go out for a ride.

This is because the batteries will lose capacity faster as the cold weather is harder on the battery performance than warm weather conditions.

Battery Won’t Hold Any Charge

All batteries lose some ability to hold a charge when they are subjected to lower temperatures. If a battery is frozen long enough, it could become permanently damaged, and you could potentially be without an ebike.

Can a Frozen E-Bike Battery Be Recovered?

Suppose you have an electric bike with removable battery undergoing freezing conditions or has been frozen due to exposure to too much cold from the winter season, you can always recover. In that case, here are the two ways you can recover your frozen ebike battery:

Remove the Battery from The Bike to Thaw It

You need to remove the battery from your ebike and store the battery in a warm place that is not in direct sunlight. The temperature of this area should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the battery to warm up too quickly (for example, by placing it near a heater or fire).

Remove the Battery from The Bike to Thaw It

This can cause irreparable damage to the cells inside your battery pack and ruin them permanently. When the temperature of the air around your battery reaches approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, check for frost on the case of your pack or any other signs of ice formation such as condensation inside the case.

If there are any signs of frost or condensation, continue to let the pack warm slowly until all signs have disappeared completely before charging as usual with your regular charger. Do not attempt to charge while there is still moisture present in any form.

Once you are sure the battery is dry, you can return to the ebike and allow it to charge for 6 hours or more, depending on how quickly it was able to charge fully. After that, you can disconnect and ride your bike.

Heat up The Battery

If your battery has frozen, you can still heat it up and bring it back to its full capacity. To do this, use a hairdryer (on a low setting) or a small hand warmer. Hold the source of heat about an inch away from the battery and move it around slowly so that all sides are heated evenly.

You Can Follow The Step Below to Do This:

  1. If you have a hairdryer, this works best; otherwise, a heat lamp or other source of heat will work.
  2. Turn the heat source on, and hold it approximately one foot away from the battery.
  3. When you can visually confirm that the battery has thawed and is returning to room temperature (i.e., batteries are no longer cold to the touch), allow the battery to sit for at least an hour before charging it.
  4. Once the battery has warmed up properly, plug your ebike charger into a power source, then connect it to the bike’s battery port.
  5. Leave the bike plugged in for several hours or until the indicator light shows full charge (this will vary depending on your bike’s model).
  6. If you could successfully charge your bike’s battery, then disconnect it from the power source and head out for your ride.

Note: If you see any unusual behavior, call your local electric bike service center immediately in the quest to recover your frozen battery.

How To Keep E Bike Battery Warm in Winter?

One of the things that are a great concern for ebike owners is how to keep the battery warm when winter is getting near. We have got you covered with this masterpiece. With the information below, you can always keep your battery warm and protect it from any likely damage from cold.

How To Keep E Bike Battery Warm in Winter

Invest in A Heated Towel

The best way to keep your electric bike battery warm is to use a heated towel on it. This will help keep your electric bike battery warm even when it is used in cold temperatures.

The heated towel has been specially designed to provide efficient heat transfer between different elements, which can be used even in extremely cold conditions. The heated towel will also protect your e-bike’s battery from moisture and other external factors that can cause damage to it easily.

Store the Battery Indoor

The best way to keep your e-bike battery warm in the winter is to place it somewhere inside where there is no direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, like a garage with heat and insulation.

Therefore, if you are keeping your e-bike in a garage, basement or storage shed over the winter, it’s very important to store the battery at a high enough temperature (above freezing) to prevent any damage that could shorten battery life or reduce usable capacity.

This way, you can be so sure that your battery will not freeze, and you can always use it whenever you need it. Also, it is important that you keep the battery charged regularly.

Invest in An Ebike Battery Cover

Ebike battery cover is the one power equipment you need to purchase during the cold weather. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your battery, there are a few things you can do to help. For example, keeping your ebike in a garage or shed that’s well heated could help prevent the battery from dying prematurely.

But, if you live in an area where it is common for temperatures to drop below freezing, your best bet is to invest in a battery cover.


Electric bikes are perfect to get around town, but especially in the winter, keeping an electric bike in good condition can be a challenge. It may seem like a hassle to make sure your bike is warm enough at all times, but it’s absolutely crucial.

A frozen battery can lead to decreased capacity, increased charging time, and even permanent damage. So, on this page, we have the right information for you on how to keep e bike battery warm in winter. You should read every part of this article if you care so much about your ebike battery.

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