How Much Is A Camping Electric Bike Cost?

Going camping with a bike is a good idea, and using an electric bike for it will be even more rewarding. An electric bike will let you cover more grounds and locations without being exhausted.

Alongside covering more areas, an electric bike will also let you carry more weight and tackle the hills and rugged roads effortlessly. Since the use of electric bikes offers a bunch of benefits, you may wonder how much is a camping electric bike cost.

Well, you’ll find camping electric bikes in the price range of $600 to over $9000. However, most mainstream camping electric bikes cost between $1500 – $4000. Learn more about the price range and all camping bike-related aspects throughout this article.

How Much Is A Camping Electric Bike Cost

If you’re planning to purchase an electric bike for camping, you have to consider several factors. There are considerable aspects that contribute in both the price and support in the hilly areas. Both regular and long-lasting power ebikes offer a variety of features that make a difference in the price range.

How Much Is A Camping Electric Bike Cost

You’ll easily find a regular electric bike in the price range of $1500 – $4000. On the other hand, you may need to spend from $2500 to over $9000 to get a quality, long-lasting electric bike.

Among both types of bikes, you should spend on quality and long-lasting electric bikes for camping. Here we’ve included the reasons behind this, have a look.


Most high-end e-bikes offer a riding range of 70 miles to a maximum of 180 miles on a single charge. So, if you want a hassle free camping while not worrying about gong out of power, be sure to get ebikes for camping with long lasting battery.

Battery Power

Most electric bikes are manufactured with a battery power of 11.6Ah to 15.0Ah. However, that’s not good enough if you’re planning to camp with this bike. That’s why you have to go for long-lasting e-bikes that offer a battery power of 17Ah to 48Ah battery.


When it’s about the speed limit of electric bikes, most of them offer almost the same speed level. Most electric bikes offer a speed range of around 16 to 28 mph. However, if you get a heavy, top quality electric bike, you can enjoy more speed at around a maximum of 36 mph.


Weight carrying capacity can bring an ideal comparison between regular and long-lasting heavy electric bikes. Most eBikes offer a maximum capacity of around 220-300 pounds. On the other hand, some electric bikes will let you carry 400 lbs once you move to the premium segment.

Other Aspects

It’s always ideal getting a long-lasting electric bike for camping because it offers lots of power, a long battery life, and a quiet motor. Some electric bikes also offer rain-resistant frames as well. In short, a top-notch electric bike will give the best and enjoyable experience while camping with it.

What Does It Cost To Charge A Camping Electric Bike

When it’s about the cost of charging a camping electric bike, it depends on several factors. To calculate the total cost, you have to find your e-bike’s Wh (Watt-hours) then convert them to kWhs ( kilowatt-hours).

After that, you have to multiply the kWHs by your provider’s current unit price charge.

Let’s show you how the calculation goes to find the cost of charging an electric bike. You just have to follow three simple steps, have a look-

Step 1:  Find out your electric bike’s battery capacity:

As you know, battery capacity is measured in Watt-hours, find out the Wh of your e-bike’s battery. Or you can simply find out the actual Wh by multiplying its Voltage by Amp hours. Have a look at the example-

38V x 10.4Ah = 395.2Wh

Step 2:  Convert Wh into kWHs:

Basically, 1 kWh equals 1 unit of electricity, and electricity providers use the kWHs while charging the bills to the customer. Therefore, you need to convert the battery capacity or Wh into kWHs. Then you just need to divide your battery capacity by 1,000. Here is the process:

Suppose your Wh is 395.2Wh, now divide it 1000. Here is the formula:

395.2Wh/1000 = 0.395kWh.

Step 3: Multiply the KWh to your provider’s kWh rate:

Different countries offer different price ranges for per unit of electricity. The average cost for every unit of electricity in the U.S. is 10.42 cents per kilowatt-hour. Suppose your country has an average price of 13 cents per unit. Here is the formula:

0.395 kWh x 13 cent = 5.135 cents to fully charge

As mentioned earlier, different countries offer different price ranges for kWh which you might just not be aware of. So, here we’ve outlined a table and included how much it might cost to charge an electric bike in different countries. Have a look-

Country Cost per charge (USD) Cost per year (USD)
United States $0.05 $21.17
Austria $0.09 $37.46
United Kingdom $0.08 $35.83
Sweden $0.08 $34.20
New Zealand $0.07 $32.57
Netherlands $0.07 $29.32
France $0.07 $30.94
Canada $0.04 $17.92
Japan $0.08 $35.83
South Korea $0.04 $19.54

Operating Costs Of A Camping Electric Bike

Since different types of electric bikes are available, it is quite tough to determine the exact operating cost. Basically, there are two types of eclectic bikes are available, including

  • Pedal-Assist
  • Electric Only

These two electric bikes offer different operating costs. Well, if you still want to know the approximate operating cost of electric bikes, follow the below section. Here we’ve included an average operating of electric bikes, have a look-

Power Consumption

Depending on the power capacity of your electric bike’s battery, it will usually take 0.4 – 0.8 kilowatt-hours to charge the battery. Therefore, a $0.10/kWh rate will be like 5-8 cents that you need to spend per charge.

Power Consumption

New Battery

If your camping electric bike’s battery performance falls significantly at some point, you might need to replace the battery. That will cost you around $500 to $900, or more, if you’re using an electric bike with a battery capacity of 400wh to 700wh.

New Battery

Spare Parts

An electric bike, just like any other electrical equipment, requires the replacement of spare parts once in a while. Therefore, you may need to replace parts like wiring, wheels, chains, brake pads which are relatively inexpensive.

Spare Parts


Sometimes you may need to repair several parts of your electric bike because of several damages. Since most electric bikes come with a hefty warranty facility, you’ll not need to worry about the repair cost.

Are Camping Electric Bikes Worth It?

So, after that much maintenance costs, are camping electric bikes worth it or not? Well, the truth is, Ebikes are totally worth the investment. That’s because they save you on bills a lot and serve for a long while before needing any replacement parts.

Are Camping Electric Bikes Worth It

They’re fast

It’s an innovative transportation with a rechargeable battery that allows the rider to travel up to 25 to 45 km/h. Going on hilly terrain and exploring new areas in shorter periods became easier because of ebikes.

Energy efficiency

It’s low cost, energy-efficient, and most importantly, an emission-free transportation system that offers both health and financial benefits. All you have to do is charge it as needed, and the charging cost is nothing compared to the gas or petrol cost.

Camping got easier

Get an electric bike to explore more during camping without getting tired and make your camping more fun. An electric bike will also let you cycle to a trailhead more efficiently and quickly, and the cycle will let you carry all your necessary bags as well.

Bottom Line

Using an electric bike for camping helps to explore more places and enjoy more of the environment. As they have both pedaling and battery assistance, charging shouldn’t be a big bummer for an enthusiast.

And now that you know how much is a camping electric bike cost, budgetinig will be a lot easier. Also, the costs for charging and its operating costs will help you do the aftermaths as well.

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