How Fast Does A 750W Electric Bike Go?

The speed of a traditional bike ultimately depends on how much energy is put on the pedal. Therefore, you have complete control over it; you can run it fast and slow according to the effort you put into it.

But, when it’s about an electric bike, you might want to know: how fast can it go? Well, it depends on the watts of your e-bike. Based on the class and watts of your e-bike, it can run on average 20 mph to a maximum of 28 mph.

However, If you’ve decided to get a 750-watts e-bike, you might be curious to know: how fast does a 750w electric bike go? Well, it’s the fastest one that’s legally approved. If you ride on a flat surface, it can go up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

Read the following article to know more about 750w e-bike.

How Fast Does A 750W Electric Bike Go?

Well, the straight answer to this question is 28 mph or 45 km/h, but it depends on which surface you’re riding your e-bike. (You’ll get 28 mph speed when you ride your 750-watt e-bike on flat terrain, the speed varies if you ride on a hilly track.)

How Fast Does A 750W Electric Bike Go

On average, with a good quality electric bike, you’ll achieve 30 to 55 km/h or more when you ride on the road condition. You’ll get the highest speed, 40 to 55 km/h, from your 750-watt e-bike if you ride it on a paved commuter road or flat to semi gravel terrain.

The speed gets slightly reduced (20 to 40 km/h) when you ride it on hilly tracks or rough terrains like mud,  sand, and other obstacles.

Why 750W Electric Bike?

From young to senior people, an e-bike is equally popular among all of them. Considering this fact, the manufacturer of e-bike produces different types of e-bikes with various classes and wattage.

There are different wattage levels,

Starting from 250 watts, you’ll even find above 5000 watts ebike. The higher the wattage, the higher the speed and become riskier. 250, 500, 750, and 1000 watts e-bikes are the most common wattage e-bike used by people.

But 750 watt offers the sweetest spot!

Among these four typical wattage e-bikes, 750-watt is the top favorite for people who want a fast and safe ride. There might be a question that arises in your mind: why do people choose 750-watt instead of 1000 or more for fast riding? Well, more than 750-watt bikes definitely have higher speed, but they are dangerous too!

They’re fast but easy to control

Controlling them with the max speed is complex, and some states require driving licenses for these types of high-speed e-bike. And, that’s one of the main reasons people opt for a high speed 750 watt motor electric bike instead of other high-wattage e-bikes. It’s not a matter of how fast does a 750w electric bike go? The point is: is it easy to control and safe too?

However, 750-watt e-bikes, 28-mph or 45 km/h speed, are fairly enough to complete almost every task you need to do with your e-bike.

Speed: How does a 750-Watt Ebike Compare to Others?

When you decide to get a 750-watt e-bike, you should know first whether it’s better than other available options or not. Below, I’ll show you some comparison data of the most popular wattage e-bike with a 750-watt e-bike. So that you can make the best decision for you.

How does a 750-Watt Ebike Compare to Others

250/350-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

If you go for a 250 watt or 350 watt e-bike, you’ll get a maximum speed of 15.5 mph to 20 mph. Usually, they are suitable for flat land and paved roads, not ideal if you have to ride on rough surfaces or climb hilly areas. Due to the lack of torque power, you won’t get adequate support from a 250/350-watt e-bike on uneven surfaces and hilly areas.

250350-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

On the other hand, a 750-watt e-bike has a maximum speed of 28 mph. You can ride it on almost any surface because of its high torque power. It’s definitely a better option for you than a 250/350-watt e-bike if you want to ride your e-bike in all kinds of terrain.

The average speed will slightly decrease when you ride it on rough surfaces or hilly terrain. But it gives you adequate support that you won’t get from a 250/350-watt e-bike. In simple words, a 750-watt e-bike can do all the tasks of a 250/350-watt e-bike, and you shouldn’t expect the same from a 250/350-watt e-bike.

500-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

500-watt e-bike has a maximum speed of  20 mph, which is almost similar to a 250/350-watt e-bike.

500-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

But it has high torque motor than 250/350-watt e-bike. Therefore, you get better support with a 500-watt e-bike than 250/350-watt e-bike, especially in rough terrain and hilly track. But if you’re a heavyweight rider, you won’t get adequate support from it.

In such a case, you’ll need a heavier watt e-bike like 750-watt. With a maximum speed of 28 mph, a 750-watt e-bike is capable to provide you with the necessary support in all terrains, especially in the hilly area. Where 500-watt e-bike failed to provide adequate support due to heavyweight, 750-watt e-bike does an excellent job there.

1000-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

1000-watt e-bikes usually fall under the superfast e-bike category. While this might sound amusing, that’s exactly the reason some countries won’t permit you to use one. It has a high torque power and a maximum speed of 32 mph.

1000-watt E-bike vs 750-watt E-bike

On the other hand, 750-watt e-bike is now legally approved in most countries. In the recent update of the NPS regulations, US citizens can register a 750-watt e-bike for their daily activities.

How Fast The 750-W Ebike Can Go On Different Terrains?

It’s obvious that the speed will vary when you ride a 750-watt e-bike on different terrain. You’ll not get the same speed when riding it on the commuter road and when riding it on hilly terrain. Let’s see where you get the maximum speed and where the speed gets decreases.

How fast the 750-w ebike can go on different terrains

  • Paved/Commuter Roads: When you ride an e-bike on a paved road, you’ll get its maximum speed, either it’s 250-watt or 750-watt. It means when you ride your 750-watt e-bike on paved roads, you’ll get its regular max speed of 28 mph.
  • Gravel or Sand: Gravel or sand is the kind of surface where any vehicle’s speed will decrease. The same thing happens with the e-bike too. When you ride your 750-watt e-bike on gravel or sand, the speed will vary between (20 to 40 km/h).
  • Steep Hill Terrain: Climbing a steep hill with an e-bike requires a good amount of torque power. A 750-watt e-bike comes with the necessary torque power to climb the steep hills going against gravity.

Impact Of Terrain On Average Electric Bike Speed

The speed of your electric bike widely depends on the surface you’re riding it. You won’t get the same speed on different terrain, and the reason is very simple. When you ride your e-bike on a flat surface or paved road, you get the highest speed. On the contrary, when you ride the same e-bike on the sand, the speed will decrease.

Impact Of Terrain On Average Electric Bike Speed

Along with the terrain, the average speed of an e-bike widely depends on what class of ebike you’re using. The manufacturer of e-bike produces three classes of e-bikes with different speeds and is designed for different terrains. They are class-1, class-2, and class-3.

Class-1 e-bikes

Class-1 e-bikes are great for public trails, bike paths, and street riding. When you ride class-1 e-bikes on these types of terrain, you’ll get an average speed of 20 mph.

Class-2 e-bikes

The average speed of class-2 ebikes is similar to class-1. They can reach up to 20mph. The only difference is class-1 ebikes are pedelec assistance and class-2 e-bikes are throttle assistance. These types of e-bikes are suitable for running errands, fetching groceries, or getting around town.

Class-3 E-bike

They are pedal-assist e-bikes and capable of reaching up to 28 mph when you ride them on paved roads or streets.

Factors That Contribute to Slow or Fast Speed of Your E-bike

There are a lot of factors that work silently in the variation of your e-bike speed, such as the weight of you and your bike, the condition of the terrain, motor, battery, etc. To clarify the matter below I’ll describe some of them.

Factors That Contribute to Slow or Fast Speed of Your E-bike

Your Physical Weight

Physical weight plays an important role in the variation of your weight. Suppose, you’re 250 lbs, and you go for a 750-watt e-bike. You’ll never get the max speed that another person gets who are less heavy than you. The bike runs faster the less weight you put on it.

Speed Varies On Different Terrain

You already know that different terrain offers different speeds. It’s the law of nature, you can do nothing over it. For example, with a 750-watt e-bike, you’ll get 28 mph speed when you ride it on paved road for daily commuting. With the same bike, you’ll get less than 20 mph speed when you ride it on steep hills or rough terrain.


The motor is the main power of an e-bike, and it determines how fast or slow the bike will run on different terrain. With high power motor wattage, you’ll get high speed, similarly with low power wattage motor you’ll get less speed than the higher one. It’s the rule of thumb for every e-bike.


The power of the battery is another important aspect that you’ve to consider while looking for the fastest e-bike. The higher the VOLT and Ah it comes with, the higher power it can deliver, and your bike will run faster.

How To Stay Safe While Riding A Fast 750 W Ebike?

750-watt electric bike is the safest one compared to other superfast e-bikes. It comes with a powerful speed with an easy controlling system. However, if the day is not yours, anything could happen at any time. And, therefore safety comes first to protect yourself from any potential incident.

How to stay safe while riding a fast 750 w ebike

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Use lights if you’re riding at night.
  • Must install warning devices like bell or horn.
  • Stay on the right side with traffic, not against that.
  • Make sure the tires of the e-bike are properly inflated
  • Drive in the defensive mood, remember speed kills!
  • Install a handlebar mirror.
  • Keep eye contact with other drivers.


When you’ve got a 750w e-bike, you’re handling some real power. A 750w e-bike is always the safest and fastest one for a heavy rider to a lightweight rider. But the question is: how fast does a 750w electric bike go? With a 750w e-bike, you can go up to 28 mph or (45 km/h).

Well, 28 mph is the highest speed that is legally approved for e-bikes. Some e-bike has higher speeds, but they are not legally authorized. So when you decide to get the fastest and safest one, a 750w e-bike is the right solution.

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