How Fast Does A 350w Electric Bike Go?

When it’s about electric bikes, you must know that they come with different power capacities, including 250w to 1000w and more. Well, it’s obvious that electric bikes of different power will give you different speeds, torque, usability, and so on.

In that case, if you specifically want to know about 350w electric bikes, they are a class 3 e-bike that offers decent speed. And if you’re wondering how fast does a 350w electric bike go, the answer would be 18 mph to 28mph.

This is a good amount of speed for both flatland cruising and uphill riding as well. Learn more about the speed limit of a 350w e-bike and tips to increase the speed by following the article below.

How Fast Does A 350w Electric Bike Go?

The electric bike comes with different amounts of watts, including 250w, 350w, 500w, 750w, etc. And based on the power system, electric bikes are classified into different classes, such as:

How Fast Does A 350w Electric Bike Go

Electric Bike Class Top Speeds Suitable For
Class 1 20 mph (32.19 km/h) (G) Flat roads, Short Trips
Class 2 20 mph (32.19 km/h) (G) Moderate Distances, Rolling hills, Work Commutes
Class 3 28 mph (45 km/h) (G) Uphill riding, Long Commutes

These three are the basic electric bikes type, and electric bikes with different classes will provide separate speeds. And if you are specifically interested in the 350w electric bike, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a class 3 e-bike.

As we’ve seen in our 350 watt electric bike review, you can get a maximum speed of 28 mph or 45.0616 kph from a class 3 e-bike. And this speed is good enough for long commutes, uphill riding, and medium capacity loads.

However, sometimes the speed of a 350-watt electric bike can differ based on several aspects. There are many aspects that will prevent you from getting the desired speed from a 350w e-bike. Wondering what are those factors?

By following the section below, you can learn about it. Have a look:

  • Controller Amp: It’s common that the higher amp hour will give you a higher speed, and the controller is the component that monitors the battery’s voltage. The controller automatically shuts down the motor when your bike’s battery voltage reaches the high spot, which affects the speed.
  • Motor: It’s obvious that with high motor power, you’ll get high speed, and low motor power will provide you with low speed. And you cannot expect to get the same speed from different motors that share different power motor wattage.
  • Battery: Battery voltage is another essential aspect that aids in affecting the speed of electric bikes. However, most electric bikes come with a standard battery voltage of 36v to 48v. And based on battery voltage, you’ll get different amounts of speed.
  • Wheel Size: It may surprise you, but wheel size is another noticeable factor contributing to the electric bike’s speed. Electric bikes come with a wheel size of 16 to 26 inches. And to get more speed from your bike, you have to go for bigger wheels.
  • Tire Pressure: Tire pressure will also affect the speed of electric bikes, and with high tire pressure, you can go faster on smooth roads. On the other hand, you can go faster with less tire pressure on roads that aren’t that smooth.

Different Terrain

Different types of terrain can significantly impact the speed of your electric bike. You’ll get different speeds in different terrains and here we’ll show some examples, have a look:

Different Terrain

  • Flat and Paved Roads: Flat and paved roads with no damage will let you reach the maximum speed limit of your electric bike. Since yours is a 350w electric bike, you can ride the bike at 28 mph speed.
  • Uphill Riding: 350w electric bikes come with enough torque, battery, and motor power which allows effortless uphill riding. And for uphill riding, you’ll get 20 to 35km/h (more or less) with your 350-watt electric bike.
  • Gravel or Sand: No matter what power electric bike you ride, the speed will automatically decrease when you ride it on sand or gravel. And on sand or gravel, you will get a speed limit of 20 or 40 kph.

Note: These are some of the aspects that contribute to the speed of a 350w electric bike. So put extra attention to them before you expect the desired speed from a 350w e-bike.

Tips To Increase Your 350 Watt Electric Bike Speed

Although 28 mph is a decent speed, some e-bike riders still want to increase the speed. And if you’re among them, this section is for you. Here we’ll show to increase your 350 watt electric bike speed effortlessly:

Remove Speed Limiter:

The most effective solution to increase your electric bike’s speed is removing the speed limiter. Or you can also increase the speed by making adjustments on settings like wheel size. And this video will help you to remove the speed limiter of your eclectic bike:

Get A Tuning Device:

There are many types of tuning kits available that you can use to speed up your electric bike. Using a tuning device will let you increase at least 10 km/h speed of your electric bike.

Utilize A New Battery:

Another solution that you can follow to speed up your 350w electric bike is using a higher voltage battery. Using a higher voltage battery will let you experience the maximum speed of your electric bike.

Upgrade the Motor:

Getting a powerful motor will let you boost your electric bike’s speed. And try to get an e-bike battery with a higher KV rating or RPM rating.

Use New Tires:

Install a new pair of tiers in your electric bike and try to use slimmer tires that increase the speed of the electric bike. Alongside thinner or slimmer tires, try to use slick tires with less treads to help achieve high speed.

Install a Windshield:

It may sound crazy but installing a windshield really helps to increase an electric bike speed. The windshield will efficiently curve the air around you as your body works as a big sail.

Note: These are some of the effective solutions that you can follow to boost the speed of your 350w electric bike. Alongside them, you can also increase your bike’s speed by keeping the battery and motor in optimal condition.

Bottom Line

Getting an electric bike is fine but getting one with the desired speed limit is even better. And luckily, you can easily get an e-bike based on your preferences as it’s available in wide speed and battery and motor power.

However, since you’re interested in a 350w e-bike, getting this bike will let you do almost everything that a high-power e-bike can do. And now you know how fast does a 350w electric bike go and how to increase the speed as well.

It’s always a good idea to ride a bike with decent speed, and 28 mph is the highest legal speed approved by most federal governments. So stick to this speed and always ensure safety gear while riding your ebike whether it’s 350 watt, or higher.

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