How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?

Since I started cycling about six years ago, I liked experimenting with different types of bicycles. I started with a regular bicycle my wife gifted me and quickly evolved to an electric bike.

It is where I ran into the bike range that shows the distance an e-bike can go. The distance crossing ability makes all-electric bikes ideal for commuting and exploring different terrains.

So, how far can you go on an electric bike? About 350 to 400 kilometers on a single charge though this depends on the battery capacity mounted on the e-bike.

I wrote this article to share detailed insights into how far an electric bike goes on a single charge and the factors influencing distance coverage. Let’s find that out together:

How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes come with many advantages for commuting. But how far an electric bike can go is a crucial question for some cyclists.

An average e-bike can travel much further than a traditional counterpart. Calculating the actual distance covered by an electric bike on a single charge can be a daunting experience for some.

How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike

My first standard e-bike had a battery capacity of 400-500W, and I would ride up to 100-120km on a single charge. My second casual city e-bike would run up to 50-60km on one charge.

My favorite longest-range e-bike powered by a 3kW battery would ride up to 350-400km on a single charge, and it made me fall in love with my cycling hobby.

But I later realized that the battery quality and riding hours determine how far an electric bike can go. Besides that, many external factors have to do with the riding distance.

What Factors Affect How Far Can You Go on an Electric Bike?

Both new and experienced cyclists want to know the actual distance coverage by an electric bike on a single charge. But it can be challenging to give accurate figures due to many reasons.

I recommend testing your electric bike on different terrains to find the exact numbers. Below are the factors that influence how far an electric bike can go:

The E-Bike Design

Not all e-bikes are designed the same way since it depends on their purpose. Some electric bikes have thick tires to cruise the sand, snow, and trails.

The E-Bike Design

Electric bikes with thin tires bring balance when riding in an urban setup. The thin tires also give speed and can cover the longest range.

Heavyweight e-bikes tend to drain the battery faster than their lightweight counterparts. Therefore, e-bike bikes with thin tires will cover a longer distance than thick tires.

E-bike Battery Capacity

Most e-bike battery capacities are expressed in watts per hour. Multiplying voltage and capacity will result in wattage.

E-bike Battery Capacity

The wattage figure will determine the number of kilometers per hour your e-bike can ride on a single charge. Besides, the voltage tells the electric bike power, and capacity states the distance coverage.

Riding Conditions

Riding your electric bike in different terrain conditions will help you understand the actual distance coverage. I recommend trying to ride your e-bike on smooth and rough terrains to gauge the distance coverage.

Most e-bikes can reach 50-80km on a single charge while riding on a smooth and open road surface in the city. Off-road riding will make your e-bike go 25km on one charge.

Weather and Seasonal Conditions

Cold temperatures make an e-bike battery drain faster, therefore it can cover short distances. On the other hand, high temperatures help to maintain the e-bike’s actual power and speed. Besides that, an e-bike that comes with a removable battery will not drain faster to enable the electric bike to cover a long distance.

So, if you’re living in cold temperatures area or want to get some extra battery power then go for an e-bike with removable battery to cover long distances.

How to Calculate How Far an Electric Bike Go?

The battery capacity is the leading factor that determines an electric bike’s range, and it is measured in Watt-hours (Wh).

Some e-bikes are rated in volts and amp-hours. If your e-bike has a 24V 20Ah battery, multiply the volts by the amp hours to find the battery capacity e.g 24 X 20 = 480Wh.

To calculate the effective e-bike range, divide the watt-hour capacity by an average efficiency number in Wh/mi or Wh/km.

Remember that the efficiency number is variable due to the above factors. For instance, most 500-750 watt e-bikes go at an average speed of 20mph on hilly terrain to give 25Wh/mi.

Including pedals in your riding style will make your electric bike range longer. Most pedal-assisted e-bikes can go around 15-18mph. A 480Wh e-bike battery will give 32 miles.

The calculation can be fuzzy for those people who hate numbers. But I hope my approach will help you calculate how far your electric bike can go.

Final Thoughts

So, how far can you go on an electric bike? Well, I recommend trying to incorporate the e-bike into a long commute before making a purchase.

Talk to your bike shop owner to give you a demo e-bike and try it out for a few days. If you find out the commute distance is longer on a single charge, buy it.

Be sure to use a range calculator to get the accurate range of your electric bike. Keep in mind that external factors might drain your battery faster than expected.

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