Can You Ride An Electric Bike without Pedaling?

Electric bikes have become more common in the urban environment due to technological advancements in the industry. These e-bikes are seen as the future outdoor transportation option since they are environmentally friendly.

However, the question is: can you ride an electric bike without pedaling? Yes. Pedaling is fun and helps climb a long steep hill with less effort. But it depends on the electric bike since some allow the user to operate by turning the throttle without pedaling.

I wrote this article to share my experience with electric bikes and how they operate. Keep reading to learn how e-bike runs without pedaling.

What Is An Electric Bike, and How Does It Work?

An electric bike is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor to help when pedaling. The motor gets the power from a rechargeable battery mounted on the bicycle.

Besides, the motor is the reason behind the classification of the bicycle as an e-bike. It helps the user propel the bicycle with minimal effort.

What Is An Electric Bike and How Does It Work

The pedaling power and level selected will determine the speed of your electric bike. In addition, the modes on the e-bike help bring power balance through pedaling range and battery life.

Most e-bike motors are limited to 250 watts and cut out the speed after reaching 25kph. But in the USA, electric bikes’ speed limit is 20mph.

The electric bike motor is mounted either on the front or rear hub. Some e-bikes have centrally mounted motors. The hub-based motor helps push the wheel around directly.

Centrally mounted motors work between the electric bike chain and gears. The torque sensor measures the pedaling power and matches it with the motor output.

Besides, the technique helps prevent the motor from taking over completely. Persistent power delivery prevents the bicycle from lurching forward.

The motor power comes from the rechargeable battery mounted on the e-bike. Some batteries can be removed for charging and others charged by the bike.

Moreover, some electric bikes have screens that help monitor the battery level and navigation. Always park your bicycle near a power socket to recharge the battery.

There are so many e-bike brands with different specifications. Getting an electric bike under 500 dollars is super easy since it depends on your specifications and motor type.

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedaling?

Riding an electric bike is pretty easy since it is like cycling a non-motorized bicycle of the same type. To ride an e-bike, you just need to sit on the bike, switch on the motor, select the assistance level from the controller panel, and then pedal.

Now the question is: can you ride an electric bike without pedaling? Well, the direct answer is yes. But it depends on the type of e-bike you have and sometimes the terrain you’re riding. To ride an e-bike without paddling, you need to get an e-bike with throttle mode.

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedaling

An e-bike with throttle assistance mode allows you to ride it without pedaling. All that you have to do is accelerate the throttle of your e-bike to generate power on the motor. Then the motor generates power to propel the bike on a flat surface.

With a throttle assistance e-bike, you can effortlessly ride without pedaling but pedaling is crucial when climbing the hill to assist your e-bike motor in generating more power. The motor provides extra power for climbing the hill and reduces the pedaling effort.

Although you can ride an e-bike without pedaling, then again sometimes pedaling is the best option since it helps increase the motor and battery lifespan.


So, can I ride the e-bike without pedaling? Yes. Use the throttle to speed up the electric bike to 20mph. But if you are riding on a steep hill, pedaling will help add extra power to propel the bike.

Throttles on electric bikes are suitable for flat terrains. The motor helps cover long distances with less effort. However, an e-bike is also a perfect option for commuters living in hilly terrain. But if the battery dies, the rider can use the pedals. I recommend keeping the battery charged to avoid riding without the motor. Buying a second battery is another best alternative to consider.

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