Can You Deliver Food On Electric Bike? Essential For Beginners

If you do food delivery and do it for living, you must know that more food delivery means more income. Depending on how much you deliver, you can make extra or little side income.

On that contrast, what about speeding things up? What about using an ebike to deliver foods? Can you deliver food on electric bike?

The answer is yes, you can use an electric bike for food delivery because it’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, and also efficient. An electric bike can be handy to increase your delivery rate, save time, and get financial gain. The electric bike will allow you to deliver your orders faster and work longer hours without getting tired.

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric bike for food delivery as we go through this article.

Can You Deliver Food On An Electric Bike?

First off, it should be cleared up that unless you do occasional food delivery with a backpack on, you need an electric bike for food delivery. It’ll be an ebike that gives you some extra advantages over regular ebikes that you might use for cruising around or climbing hills.

Can You Deliver Food On An Electric Bike

Over the past few years, e-bikes have grown in popularity in most metropolitan areas, and the reason is their navigating system. An ebike allows the rider to navigate the city streets without reducing mobility or speed.

Therefore, electric bikes are an excellent option for food delivery and courier-related work. It’ll let you deliver food faster and efficiently, which will allow you to earn more money without getting tired.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Delivering Food On An Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike for food delivery will let you enjoy both advantages and disadvantages. Like many others, if you’re also concerned about the pros and cons of using electric bikes for food delivery, follow the section below.

Advantage Of Delivering Food On An Electric Bike

Here we’ve included some of the core benefits you’ll get by using an electric bike for food delivery.

Advantage Of Delivering Food On An Electric Bike

More Deliveries, More Money

One of the core benefits you’ll get by using an electric bike for food delivery is earning more money. Electric bikes can travel at a maximum speed of 25km/h, which will allow you to reach your customer’s destination 60% faster. Fast delivery system will let you earn 30% extra than your average income.

Work Longer

Since electric ebikes work through a battery power system, you’ll never get tired while riding them. Unlike regular bikes, an electric one will never limit how long a rider can ride the bike. Moreover, you can extend the electric bike’s running hour by charging it properly.

No ongoing costs

If you compare the electric bike with other vehicles, the electric bike will be more cost-effective. It doesn’t offer any ongoing costs for things like license, registration and even petrol. All you have to do is efficiently charge your electric bike’s battery to enjoy an interruption-free food delivery experience.


Electric bikes are an eco-friendly solution for food delivery. Unlike other transport systems, it will never produce any harmful elements like Carbon monoxide. Since it is 100% electric it has no exhaust, which would be an excellent option for transportation without harming nature.

Disadvantage Of Delivering Food On An Electric Bike

Alongside offering plenty of advantages, delivering food with an electric bike also has some downsides too. Here are some of the downsides of using an e-bike for food delivery-

Disadvantage Of Delivering Food On An Electric Bike

Upfront Cost

One of the significant downsides of an electric bike is its high price. Since e-bikes have more advanced and functional features than regular bikes, it’s natural for them to be more expensive.

Heavy Weight

Electric bikes come with a motor and battery assistance which you’ll not find in traditional bikes. So it’s common that an electric bike will be a little heavier than any regular bike.


One of the major drawbacks of most electric bikes is the limited rain protection system. With most e-bikes, you can’t provide food with electric bikes in heavy rain.


Mileage range is another disadvantage of electric bikes, and most e-bikes can cover a maximum of 40 miles per charge. So you may need to charge your electric bike frequently or have two batteries on board.

High Maintenance

High maintenance is a must when it’s about an electric bike. That is because electric bikes have hefty repair costs, which can be avoided by taking proper care of your bike.

What Kind Of Electric Bike Do You Need For Food Delivery

If you want to know what kind of electric bike will be good for food delivery, it depends on several factors. You have to consider budget, speed, weight, battery power, and many more things. Here we’ve included some bikes that you can use for food delivery-

Step-through Electric Bikes

Step-through electric bikes can be the best option for food delivery because they offer a comfortable riding experience. These bikes have a downward-sloping top tube that makes it easier for the rider to mount and dismount.

Step-through Electric Bikes

Lightweight E-Bikes

Lightweight e-bikes make it easier for riders to ride the electric bike easily and efficiently. Sometimes it can be difficult for a rider to ride a heavy electric bike with food or other courier items.

Lightweight E-Bikes

Folding Electric Bikes

It may not sound like a good option, but a folding electric bike is still good for food delivery activities. That is because bike theft is a major concern in many places. If you use a folding e-bike, you can easily carry the bike while delivering food in non-rideable paths.

Folding Electric Bikes

Cargo E-Bike

If you often deliver heavy items or a lot of food at the same time, then you should use the cargo electric bike. These bikes are larger and heavier than others and allow carrying a bunch of items at the same time.

Cargo E-Bike

Final Thoughts

When it’s about food delivery, then using transport is mandatory to cover the distance. Using transport systems like cars, bikes, scooters, is common to perform the food delivery activity. Well, among many types of transport systems, using an electric bike is also becoming a standard option.

Electric bikes are just like traditional bikes, but they have a motor and battery that offer an extended range with decent speed. However, above, we’ve described whether can you deliver food on electric bike with advantages and disadvantages. Get your electric bike for food delivery work, and it’ll let you earn more money from less sweating.

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