Can an Electric Bike Get Up Any Hill?

Electric bikes are very efficient and usually can go up any hill effortlessly. However, if you’re wondering whether can an electric bike get up any hill or not, the answer depends on some factors.

First off, the bike has to have enough torque that you get from a heavy duty motor, backed by a powerful motor. With such characteristics, you can enjoy major advantages from an electric bike including comfortable rides on both paved roads and getting up any hill.

Heavy ebikes are made to tackle every form of stress and give you that exciting comfort you need. But you must know the factors that enable an ebike to go up hills. We’ve discussed those in this article, let’s get straight to them.

Can an Electric Bike Get up any Hill?

The main idea behind creating electric bikes is to simplify heavy-duty rides without breaking sweats. But, not every electric bike is good enough to go on uphills. The suitable ebikes for going up hills will have some features to call it a perfect bike for uphills.

Here are some important features of an electric bike based on its efficiency to handle steep hills:

Powerful motor and torque

A powerful motor is the major mechanical power of an electric bike. It supports the rider by powering up the gear set as the pedals and rear wheel. Ensure the torque is about 70 NM in the bike to cut through the steep hills.

And the minimum motor power required to pull an ebike through rough terrains is about 400 Watts. This will provide the ebike with enough momentum to run over hilly surfaces without the rider’s extra effort.

Pedal assist (PAS) mode

This feature on ebikes enables them to assist the motor with pedals to run the bike forward. If your bike has it, you can get extra mileage and support the motor on rough terrain.

By activating the pedaling support mode and selecting an assistance level, the motor sends a certain amount of power output when you pedal. Meaning not much pedaling work is needed.

Throttle assist mode

This is a better assistance level than the previous. Engaging in throttle mode completely relieves the rider of the stress of pedaling. The throttle mode simply depends on the power of the motor for faster movement.

Tire Grip

Electric bikes can maintain their speed both on the straight and when cornering. This is the main essence of the additional grip to the tires of ebikes, which is to ensure safety in an inclined position.

These tires are nothing like the conventional bicycle tires since there is an additional weight on the ebike; the installed motor. These tires are designed to contain heavyweights and provide more reasonable puncture protection. Also, because of their built, riders get more comfort and control on hilly rides.


The speed of electric bikes depends on the amount of power the motor possesses. An electric bike with a motor power of 250W will attain its top speed at around 15.5 mph (25 km/h). A 750W motor will attain a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

With the aiding of a powerful motor of 750 watt ebike, you can go up hills just fine. Engaging top speed with such power will pull an ebike over any steep hill effortlessly.


The more the battery volts, the more force you get from your ebike. A 48V/14Ah ebike battery is the standard battery power for an ebike to power over steep hills. But for a more comfortable experience, a 52V/19.2Ah ebike battery will be equal to the task. Powering an ebike with a 52V/19.2Ah battery will provide the ebike with 998.4Wh, which is sufficient to pull it through any steep hill.

The voltage is responsible for driving electrons through the electromechanical systems of an electric bike. They move from the anode (positive part of the battery) into the controller and to the motor and go back into the battery through the cathode (negative part of the battery). The power of the battery reduces as electrons move throughout the system. An electric bike with a powerful Lithium-ion battery will go over difficult terrains with ease, given that there is enough backup to the motor.

Strong braking power (Break Mechanism)

Most electric motorcycles come with a specifically designed braking system to ensure safety when on a hilly ride. When there is a pull on the lever, the pistons go down to press unto the brake pad, fixing it into the brake rotor.

The brake pads are responsible for absorbing the heat from the brake rotor and slowing down the electric bike when there is applied friction to the brake rotor. This feature enables an ebike to break on the spot, regardless of the speed the rider is on.

How Good Are Electric Bikes On Hills?

There is a misconception that ebikes are not so easy to ride, let alone riding them on hills. Well, this may be true for the early ebikes with just a single power level. However, the present ebikes have up to five power settings to select from without falling short. With this feature, you can decide on the level of assistance you need.

Can an Electric Bike Get up any Hill

The following are the significant advantages of electric bikes that make them efficient on hills and terrains

Adjustable Power Levels

Depending on how leveled or sloping the ground is, you can adjust the level of electric power with just a touch of a button. It’s not just to suit the rider’s needs; it also helps manage battery usage. Moreover, the adjustable power levels help you take full advantage while riding steep hills.

Easier Ride

You get more boost when you engage in pedal-assist mode. The mode aids getting over rough terrains, inclines, hills and allows a free ride that poses no stress on joints. And for certain persons who experience aches after taking a ride on traditional bikes, and as a result, avoid going on hilly rides, ebikes get them on the road again and that on hills. They can even go on a more distant ride with no feeling of exhaustion.

Low impact workout

For the riders who wish to cycle manually, the adjustable power levels can come in handy here. This means you can still get the usual healthy exercise as a rider while saving your energy for hilly grounds.

People now prefer to use electric bikes to get up a hill as well as go through headwinds. The place of an electric bike is to assist the rider’s effort. This is so that the part of exercising your body is not ruled out.

Tips to Ride Ebike Safely Through Hills

Are you wondering how safe it will be to take a ride on hills with an electric bike?  There are five points listed here to help you stay safe while riding your electric bike.

How good are Electric Bikes on Hills

Body placement

The terrain and steepness of the hill you are on is what’s responsible for how you place your body while riding. On a leveled or sloping ground, it is okay to be in a normal position. While riding on steeper grades, it is important to place your body forward.

This will keep the traction of the back wheel at the same prevent the front wheel from popping. Bring your chest down to the handlebars and lower the height of your elbows.

Guard your Head at all times

You may already be aware of this; the part of wearing a helmet cannot be overemphasized when riding an electric bike on steeper grades. It even goes beyond just riding hills. When on a leisure ride, it is advisable always to wear a helmet, as that might be the only means of defense to your head.

Right Clothing

It is necessary to wear clothing that will give you comfort and are visible from far when on an ebike. Ensure the clothes are light enough and will not tangle around the chain of the ebike. Always have the mind of maximizing your safety.

Grip Condition

It is important to know that the terrain is what determines your driving style. When going up any hill, always keep a constant pedaling cadence. This aids your forward movement.

Gear Choice

It does not matter whether you are riding an ebike; your gear choice must be right. To go up a hill, there is a need to boost the power. Boosting power with added effort will get you to the top of the hill. The right gear and good pedaling cadence will help anytime.

Final Thought

It is clear from this article that electric bikes are designed to ease stress and reduce the effort needed to go up any hill. Now that you know how can an electric bike get up any hill and don’t have an ebike yet, it should be easier for you to get one.

Only a high power ebike can go up any steep hill, gravel, or other rough terrain without falling short on power. However, be sure to have good pedal assist because you never know what kind of terrain is waiting ahead. You also want to have the ability to do low impact exercise for which you need pedal assist.

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