9 Best Electric Bike Under 500 (For Fast And Safest Journey)

It’s entirely unpleasant to reach the office, party, or campus with a wet outfit for sweating. Everyone can assume your tiredness by seeing your pale face and rough hair, and it’s enough to lower your confidence.

Yes, it happens with most traditional bike riders almost every morning. So, now it’s time to change your regular bike to an e-bike to reach the place with a refreshing and charming look. But are you worried about the bike’s high price? Forget it.

By considering performance, speed, and durability as the key features, we have narrowed down the 9 best electric bikes under 500.

So, why late?

Read our honest reviews, and pick your suitable one without breaking your budget.

How Much Should You Spend On An Electric Bike?

First of all, there is not a fixed or standard amount for having an e-bike. The more benefits you want, the more you have to pay. Most e-bike price ranges start from $350 and reach up to $8000. So you can realize what a massive difference is between these two price ranges. However, you have to choose an e-bike that suits your budget and purpose.

If you want to own an e-bike for casual cycling or day-to-day commuting, 500 dollars ebike is enough. But if you want to get a standard and 35 miles range ebike, you should spend around 1000 dollars. Finally, if you want a professional cycling ebike, you should pay approximately 8000 dollars.

Are Electric Bikes Really Worth It?

Of course, e-bikes are worthy as they combine countless benefits, more than regular bikes, even in some cars. They are a good fit for almost all riders, with all age groups, physical strength, and no fitness limitations. Anyone can ride them by adjusting the seat and handlebars with their height. It ensures comfort, no knee, wrist, shoulder, or back pain due to awkward sitting.

Are Electric Bikes Really Worth It

Besides health benefits, it also saves valuable time when you are in a hurry and heavy traffic on the road. In this situation, almost every vehicle has to be stuck, which kills their precious time. But you can go as the bikes are sleek in design, so it needs a little space. You can reach your college, office, industrial site visit, shopping mall, or any other destination on time.

Most bike’s come with a maximum speed of 15 miles per one charge. But if you use a regular bike, it breaks sweats like a shower to go these high miles.

Now let’s talk about license and insurance requirements. No matter in which state you live in the USA, all cities are free from driving licenses and insurance requirements to ride ebike. That’s great!

Comparison Chart For Best Electric Bike Under $500:

Suppose you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the whole article to get a complete idea about the following listed e-bikes. Just go through this comparison chart to get quick comparison data about the following listed e-bikes. It will help you to make the best decision within less time.

Best Ebike Under 500It’s Best ForMotorMaximum SpeedWheel SizeSupported WeightBike Weight
Swagcycle EB-5 Folding E-BikeBest For Foldable36-volt lithium-ion15.5 miles14 inches250 lbs /113.4kg37 lbs /16.8kg
Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric RideBest For Compact Design250 watts Lithium-ion15 miles12 inches250 lbs /113.4kg34 lbs /15.5kg
Sailnovo Electric BicycleBest For Short Riders350 watts lithium-ion45 miles14 inches264.5 lbs /120kg55.12 lbs /25kg
ANCHEER Folding Electric BikeBest For Budget350 watts15 miles12 inches265 lbs /120 kg42.77lbs /19.4kg
shaofu Folding Electric BikeBest For App Control350 watts15.5 miles12 inches265 lbs/ 120 kg26.5 lbs /12kg
DYU D2F Folding Electric BicycleBest For Multiple Riding Modes250 watts15.5 miles12 inches37.4 lbs /16.8kg
Leadzm Folding Aluminum E-BikeBest For Comfort250 watts15.5 miles14 inches40 lbs /18.15 kg
Jetsen J5 Electric BikeBest For Powerful Motor350 watts15 miles14 inches265 lbs /120 kg37.5 lbs /17 kg
Wooken Electric BikeBest For Stability350 watts15.5 miles12 inches46 lbs /20.91kg

9 Best Electric Bike Under 500  Reviews

It’s not wise to make your buying decision without having enough data about the e-bike that you like most. Yes, the above comparison chart tells you the basic information about them, but not the in-depth features, advantages, and shortcomings. So, we’ll invite you to read at least that product review that suits you best after viewing it in a blink of an eye.

best Electric Bike Under 500

1. Swagcycle EB-5 Folding E-Bike – Best Foldable E-bike

The Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Folding E-Bike offers you comfortable travel without getting tired. The effortless folding mechanism of this bike makes it easier to carry in your car’s deck. Since it’ll reach your door pre-assembled, so you don’t have to spend time making it ready for the outing. Here’re more features.

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5

Collapsible Frame

The lightweight and collapsible frame will grab your attention when you don’t want to suffer from hand fatigue while carrying it. Once you complete your ride, break the frame from its middle, and lower its handlebar, seat, and paddle. Now, it’ll be half of its size for easy carry and storage.

Heavy-duty battery

The more powerful and effective the battery will be, the more time it can offer you riding, with less electric cost. It comes with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery, which takes less than 5 hours to charge fully. You can ride your bike for around 15.5 miles with one charge, which is a significant aspect to go a long run with this full-throttle hybrid bike.

Adjustable seat and handlebar

Everybody has a different height and weight. So the fixed seat and handlebar are very inconvenient for all. By considering everyone’s needs, it offers seat and handlebar adjustment. You can easily choose your preferred position to ensure your comfortable ride by adjusting them.

Fast speed and workout

You can reach its speed of about 15 MPH on only battery mode and get plenty of juice if you pedal with power. In other words, if you are in the mood for a gym workout, paddling without power on is an excellent exercise for your legs, and it tires you. So if you can’t manage time to go to the gym, you can easily try it to achieve both gym and commute benefits.

Autoguard technology

With fast speed, it’s also essential to have an accurate and efficient braking system to avoid unwanted accidents. Anytime a surprise obstacle can come to your view, you need an instant brake to save both lives. It comes with an immediate and auto-guard technology braking system that is safe to use. On the other hand, when you hit the brakes, it will automatically disconnect the power for the instant break.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Bike Types: Folding Bike
  • Suspension Type: Other
  • Wheel size: 14 inches
  • Tire: Air-filled rubber
  • Battery: 36-volt lithium-ion
  • Recharge time: Under 5 hours
  • Mile range: 15.5 miles
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Dimensions: 34.9L x 24.5W x 14.5H inches
  • weight: 37 lbs /16.8kg
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs/113.4kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • Solid construction and highly durable
  • Offers comfort, and safe rides
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Removable powerline makes it easy maintenance
What Should Improve
  • It is uncomfortable to ride on bumpy sidewalks
  • Not suitable to ride in the rain

Why You Should Buy?

First of all, you can consider it a car replacement for your daily commute. It is very sturdy, suitable for everyone, even 6’1″-6’3″ heightened people, and has a small and light structure, while Illinois pothole running is its drawback. You’ll be happy and enjoy your daily travel by having this folding electric bike under 500.

2. Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride – Best For Compact Design

If you want to ensure a wonderful and safe ride for your teenage boys or girls, the Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride will be the right pick. Actually, it’s a bicycle or scooter that looks more stable and safer than a kick scooter. The slim design and lightweight frame make it ideal to fit in a small space.

Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride

Quality Built

Its ideal users are mostly teenagers, but the adults also ride it. The bike’s frame is made with an aluminum alloy which is solid and sturdy. That’s why anybody can fit it with a maximum 250 lbs weight and 5’8″ height.

Efficient battery life

Its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can store charge for a longer time. You can ride the bike 7+ hours and 15+ miles with one charge, which is convenient for any rider. The charger is also efficient and takes approximately 4-6 hours for a full charge. So you can enjoy more time riding, less time charging.

Powerful Motor

The 250 watts robust motor of this e-bike is excellent for regular commutes on concrete, tiles, rocks, and most of the streets. However, to ride it on more sloppy roads, you’ll need excellent bike riding skills. But as the USA streets don’t have many sloppy roads, so it’s not a big deal. Even the motor doesn’t make any noise while running, so it won’t make any harm to your listening.

Safe ride with the app

It is totally unsafe to ride a fast-speed vehicle without knowing how fast it goes. That’s why it is attached with an LCD display. Once you connect the app with the bike, it will show everything (speed, distance, and track your ride on a map) on its LCD screen to alert you. Most interestingly, it has a way to lock your bike, so no one can start it without your code in the app. Hence, there is no risk of theft.

Easy to fold

The bike is easy to fold in less than one minute, which makes it compact for effortless carrying and storing it everywhere. It is also lightweight, and teenagers can carry it longer (if needed) without having wrist fatigue.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bike Types: Ride On Bike
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Motor capacity: 250w
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Mile range: 15 miles
  • Age range: 12+ kids
  • Folded Dimensions: 40L x 20W x 37H inches
  • weight: 34 lbs /15.5kg
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs/113.4kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • Quiet but powerful motor with high speed
  • Smooth grabbing handle for easy carrying
  • Footpegs for comfortable and stable sit
  • Portability plus an easy project bike
What Should Improve
  • Ride App won’t work on iPhones
  • Some users found the seat is a bit uncomfortable

Why You Should Buy?

Durability, slik design, long-lasting charge, powerful motor, good speed, and safety make it the perfect choice for some short commuting or errands. A slightly unpleasant seat isn’t the deal-breaker compared with other advantages.

3. Sailnovo Electric Bicycle – Best For Short Rider

Though you are shorter than average height and have bad knees, Sailnovo Electric Bicycle enables you to enjoy the freedom of movement. Honestly, you can ride the bike comfortably without facing adjustment problems for your short height. Even the sparkly pearl paint and sharp looks will grab your attention.

Sailnovo Electric Bicycle

Powerful battery and motor

The 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery only needs 4-6 hours to get charged. You can travel a good mileage with one charge with its 350 watts powerful motor. It rides nicely on flat city terrain or even on 15-degree slopes. You won’t be worried about running out of charge at the middle path. If by chance, it happens, paddling mode is here to reach your destination.

Superior built

Its frame is made with aluminum which makes it sturdy to load around 264.5 lbs, the second-highest loading capacity on our list. The pedals are anti-slip, so they are safe when riding with wet shoes on rainy days. Excellent shock absorber of this bike ensures a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. The handlebars are also non-slip, so you can comfortably grab them with wet hands without slipping.

3 modes of riding

Though it is an e-bike, it keeps the door open to ride it manually. It has 3 modes of riding, battery-powered, with paddles, and both. You can flexibly change the riding mode based on your needs. When you are in a hurry, you can ride it with battery power with a maximum speed of 45 miles. When you are in workout mode, you can ride it with paddling. And when you need moderate speed for less traffic, both modes of riding will be highly convenient for you.

LED headlights

It is attached with dual LEDs headlights, and both of them are bright enough for easy navigation at night. However, the LED dashboard is informative and lets you know everything going on with the mileage, speed, and battery level. The LED’s simple and easy read UI helps you see the digit with a glance.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bike Types: Electric Bike
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Motor capacity: 350w
  • Wheel size: 14 inches
  • Battery: 36V 10.4Ah lithium-ion
  • Recharge time: 5-6 hours
  • Mile range: 45 miles
  • Age range: Adult
  • Folded Dimensions: 46.68L x 27.12W x 8.28H inches
  • Package Weight: 55.12 lbs /25kg
  • Supported weight: 264.5lbs /120kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • Reach your door with 90% preassembled
  • The disc brakes are efficient and safe
  • An adjustable seat ensures a comfortable ride
  • Compact design offers easy storage
What Should Improve
  • The throttle is activated with a twist, not a button
  • No traction over the pedal when using electric mode

Why You Should Buy?

Your overall experience with Sailnovo will be a breeze for fun and commuting. Sturdy but stylish design, short height adjustment, dual suspension, good quality battery, and high mileage are some reasons to invest in this bike. It is excellent for students, corporate officers, and old ladies to make their busy life easy.

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike – Best For Budget

Our next pick is the Ancheer Folding commuter bike which is decent for the price. If you have breathing issues and can’t walk long distances for your daily commute, this substantial lock system bike will be an excellent option for you.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Efficient Mechanism

The outer tubular frame is made with real metal, and the 12″ wheels are made with aluminum alloy. Moreover, the engineers of this bike bring a trendy and streamlined dolphin shape design that gives it a stylish outlook to identify it from a crowd.

Long-lasting battery

The battery charge for an e-bike is the same as that of human blood. Humans can’t live without blood, and the battery-powered bike can’t go without charge. It comes with heavy-duty but removable 36v 6ah lithium Ion batteries, which are short circuit, overcharge, and power off protected. The batteries will last for longer to offer you fun rides around your neighborhood.

Good speed

In most cases, when choosing an e-bike, you have to think of the road to ride it. Here, you have freedom, as you can ride it on any terrain, even climb up hills because of its 350-watt motor. It has the excellent speed to go up to 25km or 15 miles an hour. But when you hit bumps, you still have complete control with its front and rear disc brakes.

App control

By downloading two apps from the app store, you can lock, change speed, and see the digital speedometer of the bike. However, the Bluetooth connection of the apps has a self text system to automatically detect any faults of the bike. All the checking procedures will give peace of mind about a safe ride.


  • Material: High-strength Steel
  • Bike Types: Folding Electric Bike
  • Suspension Type: No
  • Motor capacity: 350w
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Battery: 36V 6Ah battery
  • Mile range: 15 miles
  • Dimensions: 41.3L x 37.8W x 19.7H inches
  • Package weight: 42.77lbs /19.4kg
  • Supported weight: 265 lbs/120 kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • Waterproof, so good to ride on rainy days
  • Bright headlight to view the road at night
  • The right choice for 4’95” to 5’9″ guys
  • Great customer service
What Should Improve
  • Charging port needs improvement
  • Sometimes the app won’t work

Why you should buy?

Well-built yet lighter, easy to assemble, pocket-friendly price, fast charge, and ride are some worthy reasons to buy it. The Ancheer is one of the best electric bikes under 500 dollars, which offers you a bundle of advantages in this range.

5. shaofu Folding Electric Bike – Best For App Control

Shaofu Folding Electric Bike will be an ultimate solution for easy zip around town when there is a hurry, and the road is busy. Even its simple but smart app controlling system ensures all-time safe rides.

shaofu Folding Electric Bike

Sturdy Built

Its frame is made with aluminum alloy and comes with 12″ durable and double layer aluminum alloy wheels to offer you long-lasting performance. The company claimed that most users found the heavy-duty materials of this e-bike can load up to 265 lbs weight. Because of loading high weight, the wheels and tires won’t be defective. Instead, it goes on normal roads smoothly without any problems.

App support

The most innovative addition to the e-bike world is app support. By connecting the app with your android 4.3 or iOS 8 Bluetooth, you can efficiently control this bike’s speed settings, miles, and time with the app. However, the self-test system is also effective in checking the bike’s condition before starting riding.

Powerful motor and battery

The 350 watts robust motor is excellent to ride the bike at 15 miles per hour. So that you can reach your destination in less time when there is heavy traffic on the road. Plus, its 36v lithium-ion battery needs only 3 hours to charge, and no waste of power, so it saves your electric cost. That is really praise-worthy.

Easy to assemble and fast fold

It comes almost 99% preassembled, and within a few seconds, it is ready to go. Once you enjoy your fun ride, it takes less than 30 seconds to fold its handlebar. After folding, it becomes relatively compact. You can carry it with its easy carrying hole for flexible movement. You won’t have hand fatigue as it is only 12 kg. However, you can store it in the car’s back, under the desk, or at the breakroom table at work because of its sleek design.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Bike Types: Folding Bike
  • Suspension Type: Rear
  • Motor capacity: 350 watts
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Battery: 36v lithium-ion
  • Mile range: 15.5 miles 25km
  • Age range: adult
  • Folded Dimensions: 15.6L x 23.6W x 26H inches
  • weight: 26.5 lbs /12kg
  • Supported weight: 265 lbs/ 120 kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • The bike operation is so simple.
  • Cruise control is convenient
  • Waterproof range, so no wet damage
  • Durable, affordable, and reliable
What Should Improve
  • No bottle holder to keep the water bottle
  • Not the right choice for those, who have balance problems.

Why You Should Buy?

Collapsible frame, compact and lightweight design, powerful motor, and simple app controlling are some of the fundamental features to have this e-bike under 500. Without having a balance issue, there is no reason to ignore it.

6. DYU D2F Folding Electric Bicycle – Best For Multiple Riding Modes

Are you looking for an elegantly designed, multiple riding modes, safety assured, and stylish e-bike for your day-to-day commute? Then, we recommend you choose this DYU D2F Folding Electric Bicycle, as it meets all your desires at a budget-friendly price.

Electric Bike for Adults Teens


When it’s a matter of everyday ride, what can be more important than comfort. The highly qualified and efficient R&D engineers of the company design it with utmost priority for your comfort. Consequently, the bike seat is wide, soft, and adjustable according to your height to comfortably sit in the upward position. Hence, you can avoid back, shoulder, and wrist pain for longer rides.

Quality Built And  Portable

The high carbon steel frame, proper welding, anti-skidding wheels, and gorgeous black paint make it durable. Its handlebar folding mechanism won’t affect its quality. Instead, it helps to resize its shape for easy storage with the SUV’s trunk, behind the desk, or countertop. However, if you don’t have your own car, there is nothing to worry about. You can also carry it on the bus without disturbing others.

Long-lasting battery and motor

The bike will be useless if it doesn’t have a durable, and heavy-duty battery. Fortunately, the 36v 6Ah lithium battery and 250 watts strong motor collaborate to offer you enough energy for your high mileage travel. You can go at least 20-25 miles on flat or 15° slopes with one charge without fearing the charge runs out.

3 working modes

By twisting the throttle, you can ride the bike in energy mode. You can also ride your bike by pedaling if you want to save your bike’s energy and do some workouts. Finally, you can combine both the electric and normal bike mode if you want a little bit of leg exercise with a fun ride.


  • Material: Steel
  • Bike Types: Electric Bike
  • Suspension Type: Front, Rear
  • Motor capacity: 250 watt
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Battery: 36V 6Ah lithium-ion
  • Recharge time: 4-6 hours
  • Mile range: 15.5 miles
  • Age range: adults
  • Folded Dimensions: 41.3L x 32.5W x 8.3H inches
  • weight: 37.4 lbs /16.8kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • 90% preassemble saves your installation time
  • Both brakes are smooth and effective
  • Fast charging and low electricity consumption
  • Portable and safe rides
What should improve
  • It is heavy to carry for a weak or physically challenged person.

Why You Should Buy?

The company is committed to ensuring your 100% satisfaction with quality, comfortable, and different riding modes bikes. The fast shipping and excellent packaging are also a plus to receiving the bike decently. Though it is heavier than others’ ebike, it can’t be a deal-breaker. Because you’ll sit on the bike, not the bike will sit on you. Lol!

7. Leadzm Folding Aluminum E-Bike – Best For Comfort

The Leadzm Folding Aluminum E-Bike is an excellent choice for teenagers and adults to enjoy comfortable and fun rides. Its black and white combination stylish design will fit all your dress codes to give you a pleasant outlook.

Leadzm 14

Superior Comfort

The seat and handlebar are adjustable, and you can easily adjust them with little effort based on your requirements. So you won’t need to think about your height while choosing this bike. The excellent handlebar is easy to grab and prevents sweat. Hence, you won’t feel your hands going too slippery due to sweating.

Powerful battery and motor

An excellent combination of a 36v 6Ah lithium-ion battery and a powerful 250-watt motor is highly convenient for fast charging and speed. You can go up to 25 kilometers per hour with this robust motor. It is great to reach a mid-distance destination within 30 minutes. However, as the batteries are set in a hidden way, it won’t affect the bike’s outlook.

LED Lights

There is no fixed time to ride a bike in this competitive world. It comes with front and rear safety lights to ensure your clear view is at least 20 feet ahead of you at night. You can instantly hit the smooth front and rear disc brakes to control the speed if suddenly any object comes in front of your bike.

Digital Safety Display

There is a display that will show you the speed and charge limit of the battery in digits. It is attached to the bike’s handlebar so that you can read everything with a quick eye view. So at a glance, you can know your riding information and make decisions based on them.

Add Multiple Collocations

Most of the bikes won’t have the opportunity to adopt any collocation like water bottles and grocery baskets. After riding a long distance, if you feel dehydrated, you won’t have any option to drink water. But those days are gone. To make your journey more pleasant and helpful, you can easily adapt a water bottle, grocery basket, and others with the bike.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bike Types: Folding Electric Bike
  • Suspension Type: Front, Rear
  • Motor capacity: 250w
  • Wheel size: 14 inches
  • Tire: Pneumatic
  • Battery: 36v 6Ah lithium-ion
  • Mile range: 15.5 miles 25 km
  • Folded Dimensions: 51.1L x 11W x 27.9H inches
  • Item weight: 40 lbs /18.15 kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • High-quality materials ensure durability
  • Preinstallation is convenient to save time
  • No carbon dioxide emissions
  • Easy to ride, fold, and store
What Should Improve
  • Customer support should be more friendly

Why You Should Buy?

The robust motor, super battery life, cushioned and adjustable seat, horn, everything is a package to satisfy you with its performance. Except for poor customer service, there is no reason to own this bike at this price.

8. Jetsen J5 Electric Bike – Best For Powerful Motor

Our next pick is the Jensen J5 Electric Bike for those who love to get premium quality e-bikes under 500. It is a complete bundle of fun and safe ride for everyone over 12 years.

Jetson J5 Electric Bike

Exclusive Design

This highly efficient, functional, and stylish e-bike is designed keeping in mind both teenagers and adults. The high-quality materials make it durable, the rubber handle is comfortable to grab, and the sparkling smooth black finishing seams gorgeous to look at.

Powerful Motor

It is connected with a 350-watt efficient motor that is capable of offering 15 miles of ride on any terrain. So you won’t think about your neighborhood terrain when choosing this e-bike. If they have lots of bumpy and sloppy roads, you can easily ride this bike on these roads without having any major issues.

Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable lithium battery is good to hold enough charge to offer you 15 miles with the energy. Under the battery compartment, you’ll find the charging port. So you can easily connect it with the charger. For this, you just have to remove the rubber cover of the charge port and connect the charger. When the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn green to avoid overcharging.

Easy to Assemble And Unfold

By following only a few steps, you can assemble it within a few minutes. For this, you have to install the seat to the seat tube and upright the handlebar to the position. However, by bending the handlebar, you can unfold it to compact its size for easy storage when not riding.

Efficient Control

You need an efficient control system to ensure a safe ride with complete confidence. The front and rear disk brakes are attached to the right and left handlebar to effortlessly control the speed with your fingertips. So no matter when you ride the bike at high speed and any stranger will come in front of your bike, just hit the brakes and avoid the collision.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bike Types: Cruiser Bike
  • Suspension Type: Rigid
  • Motor capacity: 350w
  • Wheel size: 14 inches
  • Mile range: 15 miles
  • Age range: 12+
  • Folded Dimensions: 45.3L x 25.8W x 11.7H inches
  • Item weight: 37.5 lbs /17 kg
  • Supported weight: 265 lbs /120 kg
Why Do We Love It?
  • Twist throttle is very convenient for a fast ride
  • An adjustable seat ensures comfort
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Quality motor won’t make noise
What should improve
  • No size variation

Why You Should Buy?

Elegant design, robust power, durability, and adjustability are the most considerable features to own this bike. But, as it won’t have size variation, so you can choose it if the size fits you. Otherwise, it won’t be your cup of tea.

9. Wooken Electric Bike – Best For Stability

We choose the Wooken Electric Bike for those who have balance issues. Yes, a group of people tends to lose balance when riding two-stroke vehicles like scooters, bicycles, or ebike. If you are in this group, forget your hazardous memories of falling from them because this e-bike is specially designed for you.

Jetsen J5 Electric Bike

Sturdy Construction

Its frame is made with aluminum alloy, making it rust-proof to ensure durability and year-round performance. The 12″ wheels of this e-bike are non-slip, waterproof, and impact resistant. So when you ride the bike, you can enjoy a stable velocity on any terrain. That’s why you can effortlessly maintain a good balance and accuracy for safe rides.

Battery and Motor Combination

It comes with a 36V 6Ah lithium-Ion battery that requires only 3-4 hours for a full charge, and it is the fastest charging time on our list. The energy-saving and 350 watts powerful motor can offer up to 15.5mph or 25 kmh speed. So, you can reach your destination on time, though there is heavy traffic on the road.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

It is ideal for 3’11”-5’7″ teenagers, men, and women. That’s why no matter what your age, and gender, if your height is aligned in this range, then you can choose this ebike. However, once you complete your ride, you can effortlessly fold the seat and handlebar to mitigate its size for carrying and storing.

Efficient Control

The people who have balance issues must need efficient control on their ebike. Considering your requirements, it comes with a shock-absorbing and disc braking system that will help you confidently control your bike’s speed. Once you find suddenly any pedestrian, vehicle, or object comes in front of you, just hit the brakes and avoid the collision.

All-Time Riding Opportunity

There are many bikes that you can’t ride in any weather conditions, especially under rain. But, the wooken e-bike is free from this limitation. No matter what the weather is, extremely sunny, rainy, or falling snow. The bike is waterproof and attached with a chain and rear wheel fenders. So you can ride it in wet weather without getting messy with mud.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Motor capacity: 350w
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Battery: 36v 6ah Lithium-ion
  • Mile range: 15.5mph (25km/h)
  • Age range: Adult
  • Folded Dimensions: 41.5L x 26.2W x 8.8H inches
  • Item weight: 46 lbs /20.91kg
  • Protect overcharging to maximize battery life
  • Excellent UI design of LCD
  • Easy to assemble, and ride
  • Needs limited space to store
  • It will be better if it has an app controlling system.


The waterproof, impact-resistant, and shock-absorbing design are the best features to ride it with proper balance. And the mid-range budget sounds good to own this bike, while no app support is its drawback.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Electric Bike Under 500 Dollars

Buying an e-bike is related to your everyday communication, safety, time, and energy savings. So you must consider some fundamental features to buy the best one within your budget. Here’re the features that you should keep in mind.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Electric Bike Under 500 Dollars


The simple concept of e-bikes means they are battery-powered. So first of all, you have to check the batteries. Here you can look at

  1. Which battery does it come with? (Rechargeable Lithium-ion, or others)
  2. What is its voltage range of it? (24V, 36V, 48V, or others)
  3. How many hours does it take to be fully charged? (4,5 or 6 hours)
  4. Is the battery weight acceptable? (Yes, or no)
  5. Is the battery power fade-free or not?

All these questions’ answers will help you determine the battery conditions of the ebike. The lithium-Ion 24v to 36v rechargeable battery, 4-6 hours charging time, one or two USB charging ports, fade-free energy, and lightweight are the most acceptable conditions to choose your e-bike as per battery requirement.

Durability And Folding Mechanism

The frame materials directly affect the durability of the bike. Heavy-duty aluminum, steel, and metal are the most robust materials for e-bikes. However, the easy and fast folding mechanism is also essential to increase your bike’s lifespan.

Most of the bikes will allow you to fold their handlebar and seat to minimize their shape for easy carrying and storing. So that they will fit in small places like the car’s boot, countertop, and other space. When you can hide it in a small space, you won’t think about its strength.

Wheels And Brakes

The wider the wheel and the smoother the brakes, the safest your ride will be. Because there is less chance of slippery falls on bumpy roads due to wide wheels and smooth brakes. Most of the bike’s wheels are 10 – 16 inches, having front and rear disc brakes. So choose one that meets your expectations.

Bike’s Weight

Sometimes you have to carry the bike when needed, so you should check the bike’s weight. Carrying a heavyweight bike may be the cause of your hand fatigue. Oppositely, a lightweight bike won’t pressure your wrist too much. Some bikes even have a carry handle that you can grab smoothly, and the bike’s weight will distribute evenly. That’s why you should choose a bike, which is less than 30-40 pounds.

Supported Weight

Most ebike comes with limited supported weight, and the company won’t recommend crossing the limit. So first, you should consider your weight and physical dimensions to smoothly fit over the bike because every bike won’t be the perfect choice for a short or tall guy, even fat or slim guy.

However, most bikes can support up to 250-265 pounds (116 kg) of weight. But the weight may vary depending on the terrain where you run the bike and the slope.


The adjustable and smooth grabbing handlebar helps you adjust its height depending on your requirements to ensure comfort. The adjustable and wider seat is great to sit on comfortably without bending your waist. As a result, you won’t face back and shoulder pain due to long rides.

Robust Motor

According to our research, we have found that most of the bikes under 500 come with 250-350 watts motors. The power of these ranges of motors is enough to ride the bike on flat or hilly terrain at full speed. So you can choose any range of bikes by considering other features.

Riding Modes

Though you are looking for an e-bike, you must consider the multiple riding modes for your convenient riding. You’ll find 3 primary modes of riding (full manual, full electric, and a combination of manual and electric). When you need to reach your destination fast, the electric mode will be the best option for you. The paddling plus electric mode combination is excellent when you want to go a long distance. Finally, when you want to do a workout besides commuting, only paddling mode is excellent.

Maximum Speed

The range of max speed will tell you how fast you can travel with your e-bike. Most of the bikes in this range will offer you a maximum speed from 15.5 mph to 25 mph. That is not bad for your everyday communication.

LED Safety Lights

Riding an e-bike at night is dangerous if there is no light to show you the path. An LED safety light is great to solve this issue. So if sometimes you have to ride the bike at night, you must consider an LED attached ebike for you.

App Support

When everything is blessed with technology, Why not grab this favor to choose an ebike. Yes, some bikes under $500 come with app support with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The supported app can monitor the battery charge limit, riding speed, and many other things to ensure the safest travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through this article, if there are any questions still traveling in your curious mind, look at the following section. Here, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about the best electric bikes under 500.

How Fast Does A 350 Watt Electric Bike Go?

The e-bike which has a 350 watts motor, is regarded as a class 3 e-bike. On average, its maximum speed limit is 18 MPH or 28.97 km.

How Fast Does A 500 Watt Electric Bike Go?

According to most manufacturers, a 500-watt electric bike’s top speed can reach up to 25 mp/h or 32.18 km/h.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Electric Bike?

An E-Bike will last roughly 10 years depending on the bike’s type, motor, battery, maintenance, and care. The more you use the bike, the more it affects its lifespan and vice versa. However, you have to periodically replace the bike’s motor, chain, and other parts after checking their conditions to lengthen its lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An E-bike?

Like any other bike, your e-bike also requires regular maintenance to keep it fit to run smoothly, fastly, and efficiently. The motor, parts, and other material maintenance will cost you $250-$300 every year. This regular maintenance cost will contribute to your bike’s lifespan and performance. However, if you do some maintenance work yourself, it’ll save some cost.

Final Thoughts

This helpful information about the best electric bike under 500 will open the door to choosing a pocket-friendly ebike for your fun ride, even everyday communication. Though you have learned everything, it won’t be an easy task to choose one by meets all your needs.

Here, our experts can help you by suggesting the best of the best ones. You can choose the Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Bike by considering its motor, battery life, solid construction, high mileage, app support, and LED safety lights.

No matter which bike you ride, regular or ebike, you must wear headgear as the thumb rule of safety assurance. You should also respect and obey the traffic rules.

Wish you a safe journey all the time!

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