Are Electric Bikes Worth It? [How they benefit]

E-bikes are similar to normal bikes except being equipped with an electric motor that assists the rider with paddling and throttle. It’s the future of modern cycling but many of us don’t know about that yet! Its quiet operation, non-polluting characteristics, and aid in riding are some of the biggest reasons for its huge popularity.

However, if you’re going to purchase an e-bike for the first time, you might want to know: are electric bikes worth it? Without a doubt, e-bikes are worth their value. Although it comes with an eclectic motor, it helps you to do low-impact exercise in pedal-assist mode.

Let’s not forget, it uses green energy which is great for mother earth. Plus, it saves money as it won’t need any gas or fuel. And the best part is: free parking!

Let’s learn more details about electric bikes and see whether you should get one or not.

What is an E-bike?

An E-bike or electric bike is entirely similar to a traditional bicycle except it comes with an electric motor.  The electric motor that helps its rider to propel the bike forward is the only thing that distinguishes ebikes from traditional bikes.

What is an E-bike

Based on the type of electric bike you have, you’ll get three types of assistance from it according to the class of your e-bike. Such as pedelec assist or throttle assistance.

Pedelec / Pedal Assist E-bike

Pedelec e-bike motor starts only when you pedal your bike. It means you must pedal to ride this bike. Pedal-assist e-bike is completely similar to a conventional bicycle except for the electric motor.

Pedal Assist E-bike

Whenever you pedal on the bike, the motor of the bike detects it and assists you in paddling to reduce your effort. The powerful motor of this bike helps you to achieve higher speeds and climb hills effortlessly.

It gives you complete flexibility to control the amount of assistance that you like to get from the motor of your e-bike. Pedelec e-bikes are classified as class-1 ebike, and they have a speed of 20 mph.

No Pedal / Throttle Assist E-bike

This type of e-bike is almost similar to a motorbike or scooter. You can control the motor of this e-bike through the throttle.

Throttle Assist E-bike

With this type of e-bike, you don’t need to pedal at all, its throttle does all the job. These types of e-bike are classified as a class-2 e-bike or low-speed throttle-assisted e-bike.  The speed of class-2 e-bikes is 10-15 mph.

Speed Pedelec

Regular pedelec and speed pedelec are similar in their design except they have a higher speed of 28 mph. Due to their high speed, these types of e-bikes are considered motor vehicles, and riders need to get licensed for that in some areas.

What Are The Different Types Of Ebike?

If you decide to have an e-bike you’ll find many options based on the track you want to ride. Basically, there are four types of e-bike cruiser, commuter, mountain, and road e-bike.

Different Types Of Ebike

You can choose any of them according to your needs. And, the good thing is you’ll find most of the premium quality electric bike under 800. Have a look at the following section to know about different types of e-bike.

Cruiser / Comfort

The cruiser e-bike is designed for the casual recreational cyclist who wants comfort and control side by side. This type of e-bikes comes with an upright sitting position, and they have outstanding comfy saddles.  The position of the sitting is great for seeing the sites, and many more!


These types of e-bike are perfect for some exercise and to visit a store for a quick errand. You’ll find the Cruiser e-bike with two different frame styles, the step-through frame, and the traditional diamond shape. If you’re looking for an easy get-on-and-off e-bike, you can choose the step-through frame.

Cruiser e-bikes are appropriate for flat terrains like paved roads and bike paths. The wide tires and the suspension system of this bike is great for reducing shock in the seat and front fork.

Commuter / Hybrid

If you want to cross far distances and want to do it quickly with an e-bike, a commuter e-bike is an appropriate option. It’s perfect for going to the office, traveling around the town, and doing some low-impact exercise.


These types of e-bike are usually come with large and narrow tires to ensure high efficiency and upright design for your comfort. The seats of the commuter bike are very comfortable but they are not as wide as cruiser e-bike seats. In addition, commuter e-bikes are a speedy one too! They can run at 28 mph.

Mountain / Off-road

Mountain e-bikes are exceptional. They are designed for riding off-road and allow you to ride faster and quicker with less effort than a traditional bike. Mountain bikes come with unique designs and specialties that allow its user to climb hill tracks effortlessly.

The motor and the battery of the bike are set in the low position to the center of the bike for more stability and control. These types of e-bike are specially designed for people who love adventure and thrill.


These types of e-bikes are almost similar to cruiser e-bike. They are specially designed for paved surfaces for recreational riding. The only difference between road and cruiser e-bike is road e-bike have drop handlebars and narrow tires to aid in fast riding. Road e-bikes are specially designed for faster riding.

Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

All types of E-rideable offer value in some way, it could be hoverboards, electric scooters, and of course an E-bike. If it’s not worth its value, the market of e-bike won’t grow so fast. However, to get the answer: are electric bikes worth it, you have to ask some other questions to yourself.

Are Electric Bikes Worth It

Ask yourself whether you’re looking for something that’ll save you money or time? Are you looking for something that’ll make commuting easier for you? Or do you need something to stay active and explore the world around you?

These questions vary from person to person and their answer will determine how worthy an e-bike will be for you. Below I’m going to point out some characteristics of an e-bike that’ll clarify to you how an e-bike is worth its value.

E-bikes Are Easy To Maintain

E-bikes are completely similar to traditional bikes except they come with a motor, battery, and some adjacent gear. However, they are as easy to use as a regular bike. And, the plus point is e-bikes are very easy to maintain.

The maintenance of an e-bike is almost similar to a regular bike, you just need to put some extra attention to the battery. Otherwise, all other things are very easy and simple.

Great For Your Health

E-bikes are not similar to other vehicles like e-scooters, cars that use fossil fuel. It’s a different form of a vehicle compared to them. If you want, you can use your e-bike like a traditional bike and pedal for low-impact exercises. It’s true that it’s not the same as a full-on bike but the effort it takes surely has some advantages. Such as:

  • Helps to improve your blood sugar level.
  • Minimize the fat ratios.
  • Improve cardiovascular health.

E-bikes Are Convertible

You might be wondering if e-bikes are convertible. Well, with some tinkering and using the right tools you can easily convert a regular bike into an e-bike. However, don’t expect the same benefits and advantages from a converted e-bike as a professionally manufactured e-bike.


E-bike is considered a rider-friendly bike for many reasons. People who don’t have enough strength to ride a regular bike due to the elderly or other reasons can effortlessly ride an e-bike.

On the other hand, if you are living in a mountainous or hilly area, riding regular bikes is challenging and e-bikes are a fantastic solution there. You don’t have to put too much effort to ride an e-bike, the motor of the e-bikes supports you a lot to assist you.

Environment Friendly

E-bikes are great for the environment, and you definitely know the reason. They don’t need fossil fuel or gas and that makes them an eco-friendly vehicle. Besides, they don’t emit harmful CO2 like cars and motorbikes. E-bikes use electricity which is green energy. Plus, e-bikes are by nature very silent and don’t make any sound pollution either.

Easy For Your Wallet

From the day you start riding an ebike, you can save tons of money. You just have to pay a fixed amount of money for one time while purchasing an e-bike. But after that when you own one, you can save a lot of money as they are inexpensive to maintain. Plus, they don’t require any fuel or gas to run, except a little on charging.

Are E-Bikes Heavier Than Traditional Bikes?

Yes, e-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes and there are some valid reasons for that. E-bikes come with motor and battery housing which makes it on average 20 pounds heavier than a traditional bike. So don’t treat your e-bike like a traditional bike while maneuvering, lifting, moving, or carrying.

Pay extra caution while doing that to avoid any accidental risk. Plus, riding an e-bike is slightly different from a traditional bike due to its heaviness and assisted pedaling factor. In the beginning, you should practice your e-bike in a light traffic area before integrating yourself in a high traffic area.

It’ll help you to stay conscious and more mindful about your e-bike speed and you become more familiar with the brakes. You should always remember one thing that your e-bikes are heavier and speedy than traditional bikes. Therefore, it takes a certain amount of time to start and stop.

Final Words

Riding an e-bike feels like discovering some superpower compared to traditional bicycles. Its quiet operation, non-polluting characteristics, and enhanced way of pedaling make it highly popular among users.

Due to the huge popularity, many people who’re new to the thing become curious and want to know: are electric bikes worth it? We’ve shown you everything you need to know about electric bikes and how they overpower the regular ones. Hope it helped you decide whether you need to go for an e-bike.

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